-My Office, My Clients And My Career

Read Story: My Office, My Clients And My Career… Part 27

This is another story written by Snakie86 (08020998942)….

.I knocked on the door and I heard her voice saying “who’s
that”.?.”its me snakie, “ I responded..she opened her door, she
was on her nighties with her laptop on the table with screen
saver, apparently she has not been on the system for a while…….
(BJ was looking astonishing)
“yes..yes..have done it, have done it ma….i have the solution
ma, come and see ma” I placed the laptop on her bed and she sat
beside me, I started explaining about the steps and everytyn to
her..all what we did and everytyn, how we arrived at the
solution, showing her that what I did was exactly what the client
wanted….I was talking for about 30mins not realizing I was only
talking to myself..i looked sideways at BJ, her eyes was filled
with water….”what happened ma” I inquired……tears started
coming out of her eyes and she busted into tears…I was
Me:what’s it ma, pls take it easy ma..what wrong ma, everytyn
will be alright ma..pls and pls ma….stop crying ma….You are too
strong for this Ma…You are a strong lady…pls and pls Ma……
“no response from her as she continue crying”………….pls talk to
me Ma, a problem shared is half solved, I might be younger than
you but you can talk to me Ma….pls stop crying, evrytyn will be
fine ma
BJ:when will evrytyn be fine….pls tell me, when..when snakie, I
cant continue like tired of all this..when will it be
Me:Pls calm down and talk to me Ma…pls (I held her hand)
BJ:am tired of everytyn, am tired of doing everytyn alone, am
tired of taking care of my baby alone, my daughter needs her
dad, I need my husband, I need a family, not the one I will see my
husband once in two weeks, I don’t want that any more, he keeps
promising me all the time and disappointing me evry here and
there..he doesn’t care about what I feel, he doesn’t care about
his daughter, all what he cares about is work, work, work long will I continue living like this?
Me:pls take it easy ma…..have you talk this through with him
BJ:how many times, its all promise on promise
Me:But you know that was the nature of the job initially
BJ:Yes, our arrangement was that he will stay here in Nigeria
after our marriage but he didn’t stick to plan, my father had an
arrangement for him to be the MD of the company and stays here
but he declined
BJ:he said he wanted to build his own empire on it own and
doesn’t need to wait for our wealth and he gets more money
working outside Nigeria…The money and the enjoyment of
moving from one country to the other is the utmost for him
Me:How often does he come home?
BJ:A weekend in two months or sometimes two weekends or
sometimes I wont even see him at all…like now, its been
4months he visited
Me:hmmmmm……….(this is serious), that means u only see him
on average of 52 days in a year out of 365days
BJ:you can imagine…..he has been promising me for the past
four month to come home, the excuse he kept giving me was that
I should give him sometimes, he didn’t even give me definite
time he will be coming..have been talking to him on phone for the
past one hour and its been the same story…….will I continue like
this, am tired of living like this…Nifemi is going to seven years,
she needed a junior one, her father is not around to take care of
me and her…what will I do (burst into tears again)
Me:Pls stop crying ma,
I held her close to my chest while I close the laptop, I started
pacifying her and enjoined her to wait for when her husband will
be around, sit him down and talk to him face to face, tell him all
you wanted, let him know he’s hurting you and his daughter, let
him realized the vacuum he’s creating in his family, let him know
that his family should be his priority rather than money…I said so
many things to her but she continue crying…….i help her clean
her face, laid her on the bed and sleep beside her on the bed.


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