-My Office, My Clients And My Career

Read Story: My Office, My Clients And My Career… Part 26

This is another story written by Snakie86 (08020998942)….

The week was as fast as anytyn I could imagine, Monday was
already here..i packed my bag and left for office, we got to office
as early as 7am…..We were all in the meeting when BJ broke the
news that the plan has changed as the client said its her they
needed personally and what they needed require her expertise and
the will be ready to pay anything she want..They also say they
will lodge her in a comfortable hotel….So, management have
decided that it will be just me and snakie going there for a week.
What a relief after hearing BJ…all my fear disappeared
immediately, atleast even if mrs Juliet want to come, I can cope
with her as BJ will definitely be on her own…….we left for airport
as I parked my car in the office..we arrived at Abuja and it was a
surprise when BJ told our client that we just arrived from Kenya
because of their Job..(hmmmmm, see sense, just to charge them
We settled down and went straight to meeting, they told us about
their challenges and what they wanted from us..after the meeting,
me and Bj started discussing how to move ahead
Me:so, whats the next thing Ma? What are the things am to
Bj:snakie, sincerely, I don’t know where we will start from…..we
have never encountered this kind of problem before and we have
not done what they are looking for before ever since we started
consulting but we cant say NO cos we are professionals and they
expected us to know…so you have to put on your thinking cap for
a solution….
Me:ohk ma..but what about other guys…
BJ:Nobody has done this before, though we will contact them too
for suggestion..lets get to work
We started from the petty petty ones they required and making
research on the work ahead..they started counting days, Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, we were still on it. Mrs
Juliet said she wont be able to make it to Abuja as they have
retreat in office over the weekend as she was in charge of
arrangement. I was disappointed that for the first time in like
3months, I wont have a kitty cat to bleep for a whole week. Its
good sha as It will afford me opportunity to rest.
I contacted some guys who have done same project too on a
forum and they were rendering help bit by bit…A guy was actually
of help to a great length..we will close late everyday of the week
before someone will take us to Bolton white hotel where they
lodged us…….It was apparent we will be spending more than one
week in Abuja as what we were battling was beyond our
imagination, We closed a bit early on Saturday, I was in my hotel
room while BJ was also on her own..The guy helping me
connected to my system through remote desktop control to have
access to my system and after like four hours battling with it..we
actually did it., it was around after 10 in the night .i test run it,
everytyn was working perfectly, I was happy and started jumping
up and down in my room, I started beeping BJ up to tell her of my
findings but she didn’t respond on SKYPE..i dropped message for
like 30mins, BJ didn’t respond….I decided to carry my laptop and
make my way to her room…


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