-My Office, My Clients And My Career

Read Story: My Office, My Clients And My Career… Part 25

This is another story written by Snakie86 (08020998942)….

I moved around with my car all through saturday, I woke up early
on sunday morning and wanted to surprise someone….I decided
to leave my house around 6am and head towards Oduduwa, I got
to tolu’s house gate, I entered and knocked on her door……who
was that as she opened the door, she was on her transparent
nighties that reveal her bweast and every other, I opened the
door on her while she was peeping to know who was there,
kissed her and went straight inside, I started talking as I went
straight into her room, I opened the cotton and to my surprise
someone was lying on her bed with his eyes faced to the other
side……I looked very well and realized it was Akin covering
himself with a blanket, I removed the blanket and Alas, there was
no even boxers……………
Me: Ahan……Ogbeni Akin, Dide jhoor…….(Akin, Stand up jhoor)…
so, na here u com crash
Akin: Snakie(surprised)…..wetyn u dey do here
Me:So, na here u dey enjoy
Akin:enjoy wetyn?…wetyn carry u com here dis early morning
Me:This na my hood now, I just dey go island this morning nah
in I say make I branch her house since I dey wakka pass her
“He stood up, put on his boxers and we both moved into the
sitting room, there was guilt on Tolu’s face already as she went
inside to change”
Me: (talking slowly) U be chairman ooo guy, so na you dey chop
all this tyns, since when u don dey here
Akin:Just Friday jare but I go dey go soon
Me:Ohk…you and bayo na bad guy ooo…una just share these
Akin:Your own sef dey come no worry
Me:Abeg make I free you, make I dey go……I don dey go oo Tolu,
see you in the office tomorrow (I shouted)
Akin:till tomorrow bro………..
I stepped out of the house and was so happy…atleast am a free
man from Tolu, I can concentrate on Tayo without any
disturbance…That just the end from her. What a happy and free
man I became. Tolu called me later in the afternoon, initially I
didn’t pick but I realized deep inside me, I had no grudges
against her and It never pained me…..she sent series of text
message and all sort before I eventually pick..she started
begging me and all sort but I explained to her I was not angry,
moreover it wasn’t as if we had any relationship..despite all my
conviction, she still believe I have her in mind that I will never
forgive her but to me, her case was a bygone………………
Work started on Monday with full house, we held several
discussions about the job and the way forward..they talked about
my car and I celebrated it for them, no one actually asked where
I got money from to buy the car except Tolu and Tayo whom I
told it was from personal savings throughout the year, Tolu
wanted to use the opportunity to tell me to take her out to
celebrate it for her but I told her no as that was what I came to
do in her house the previous day but she was already with her pained her so much as that could have afford her
opportunity to talk to me at length. BJ informed us that we have
a support to do with our client in Abuja and it will be me, Tolu
and Tayo that will go…….Tolu will be the lead while we support
her on the Job……..(Gobe, me, tolu and Tayo together, how will I
cope among these two biatch)
All through the week, it was the thought of how I was going to
cope with these two babes for two weeks in Abuja…Me and Tayo
bleeped in the office twice and I also bleeped Mrs Julliet too…….

Tolu was always looking for a way to talk to me at full length but
I dodge her most times but do chat her up, she requested for
time to talk to me which I always declined forming busy at
work….she concluded that, atleast we will be going to Abuja
together, that will offer us opportunity to sit down and iron things
out, she promised to tell me all the truth regarding her
relationship with Akin, I didn’t give her any concrete assurance
that we will talk.
As she was disturbing me, Tolu was also saying Abuja will afford
us enough time to stay together and know much about each other
to improve our relationship. She was seriously looking forward to
our Abuja trip despite bleeping her like twice during the week in
the office. Anytym we had conversation, her conclusion will be
that, don’t worry baby, we have two weeks together in Abuja next
I told Mrs Juliet I will be traveling to Abuja, she felt so bad that
she wont see me for two days…..i promised her I will be back,
she said I should look forward to seeing her in Abuja as she
couldn’t afford not seeing me for two weeks. She said she will
come the weekend we will be in Abuja and lodge in the same
hotel with us that I should just let her know the hotel immediately
we arrive in Abuja..(I don enter am)…………………….
As the week was coming to an end, it was serious thought on
how am going to cope in Abuja..telling BJ that she should
exclude me was not an option as she will never accept…should I
form a sickness?datz a gud idea I saidvto mysef, But I need this
job, I need the experice…should I risk it? Can I cope? What will
be the consequence? Me, Tolu, Tayo, Mrs Juliet in the same
hotel?……………What am I going to do?


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