-My Office, My Clients And My Career

Read Story: My Office, My Clients And My Career… Part 24

This is another story written by Snakie86 (08020998942)….

She left and came back like 10mins later, she entered the car and
said “lets go”………..nope, this is what you are putting on I said
to her…….she brought it out, she love the gown and appreciated
it so much….I never knew that small gift could mean alot to
her……she came out to the back of the car, pull off her cloth and
put on the gown…..she looks beautiful., I ley her realized hw
She was and she blushes….put her cloth in the car and we
headed straight to club bacchus on awolowo road ikoyi…..we
dig it till around after to 10 before leaving the club…we went
back to her office, everywhere was dark as there was no light,
thee security greeted her as we entered their totally dark car park
on the basement of the building…, she received a call, I guess
from her husband which she said she will soon be home
Mrs julliet:lemme change jhoor abi u want my husband to start
asking me questions
I brought out her cloth from the car as she pull off the gown
remaining just her brraa and pant, I moved closer to her, kissed
her and from hot romance it leads to serious bleeping, I bleeped
and sucked her hard for the 15minutes that we did it, never knew
she came twice until she told me while I only came once…..
Mrs julliet:thanks for making me feel like a lady again snakie
Me:uwc but hw
Mrs julliet:you wont understand
Me:then you need to make me understand
Mrs juliet:ohk, my husband had an accident over 10yrs ago
which affected his private part and ever since then my S#xual life
has never been it again…..
Me:does it affect it to the extent of not to do anytyn at all?
Mrs juliet:initially, it affected but we spent money, a lot of monet,
took him abroad for various surgeries and its felt a bit better after
like 3yrs…..
Me:so, no s*x for 3yrs….how did u cope
Mrs juliet:I love my husband and I was never attracted to any
other man even though I always have toasters but none appeal
to me
Mrs juliet:things got better after 3yrs bt his Joystick couldnt stand to
normal again and no agility
Me:and he doesnt feel like having s*x sometimes
Mrs juliet:we do but am always the one on top and it wont last
more than two minutes after which he will come and his Joystick
wont stand again t for days
Me:so, u cant initiate s*x even if u are Hot
Mrs juliet:4 where………except only when he’s in mood that I
don’t even enjoy……no man has ever seen my unclothedness
before after I married my husband except u, even though he
encouraged me to be having s*x outside bt I never find it
necessary as wat else am I looking for, I alreeady have two
grown up daughters, I have money…..dont just no wat happened
the first time we did it and I guess its cos I got attracted to you in
the first place and the way you first touch me took me to the
memory lane that I was lost in thought more to the fact that you
look like the first guy in my life that disvirgined me……I didnt
know what was happening until u were inside me, I couldnt stop
it as I enjoyed every bit of our first day and wanted to do it again,
decided to always make you api and comfortable. .
Me:hey yah. Thank u so much baby….I will forever cherish u
and won’t betray u (emotional)
Mrs juliet:dont be emotional pls, atleast am happy with u again
and I pray it last longer
Me:no problem dear bt wat if I want to get married
Mrs julliet:am not worried about you getting married, u can even
introduce your girl 2me ……I even want to meet ur gf cos datz d
only person I can share u with………..and it must be just one
person cos having two can cause trouble…..and so far u always
make me api too, all of us will forever be happy
Me I don enter am)……u will no her baby (abi she don no am
ni)……and I wont disappoint u baby….I love u so much dear….
Mrs juliet:I love u too……….

The feeling I had for mrs julliet changed immediately and it was
as if I was in a relationship with her but I realized I need to kill
that feeling as soon as possible. We left around after 11 and it
was like a convoy to surulere. …she was in the front while I
followed her behind…..we got to lere within 15mins and I got to
my house before 12. i would have decided to go to tolu’s house
which was closer bt i decided to go home as i was so tired and
tolu might want to request for s*x. Madam called me later in the
night to know if I was home, we gisted and she was happy….the
following day madam transfered 200k into my account for


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