-My Office, My Clients And My Career

Read Story: My Office, My Clients And My Career… Part 23

This is another story written by Snakie86 (08020998942)….

I started saying so many sweet words to her and before I knew
what was happening, i made attempt to kiss her but she shrug
off her mouth, I tried again with my sweet words and we started
kissing each other…..I rounded my left hand over her body while
using my right hand to unbutton her shirt, it was when my hand
raised bra up 2 reveal her bra that she realized I have already
unbutton all her shirt, before she could make any move, my
mouth was already on th bweast….she left out a soft moan……I
interchanged with her by placing her on the table raising her skirt
up (my office tactics)…..I continue with kissing and sucking
before moving my hand downward to her kitty cat…tayo was
wearing a full pant, I pull it to the side and inserted my index
finger….kitty cat wet as usual…I was finger bleeping her with
one hand while I pull down my trouser and boxers., I then pull
down her pant, then she said “no no no…..I cant do it without
protection pls”…..I smiled while I pick my wallet on the floor and
brought out my cd, quickly put it on and inserted it in and started
bleeping her……our romance and sexcapade lasted till
7:30am ……as usual, I didnt 4get my cd filled up with my Pour
behind….I clean up myself in the rest room and went to my
office….I called her if she has perf and she came with one
Tayo:bad boi……so this is what you have been doing in this
Tayo:bleeping ur female colleagues
Me:have never done that before. ……
Tayo:u want to tell me you have not done it with tolu
Me:me tolu? What sort of tyn is dat now………have never been
close to her….u av been d one have been working with for the
two months have been in this office
Tayo:but I saw you guys in your office that day
Me:I was just a week here then now……, u expected me to
start bleeping my colleague within days in the office……
Tayo:ohk ooooo….but can I beg u for something
Me:whats that……….
Tayo:pls I dont want to share u with anybody most especially
Me:no problem dear…….I promise you (yinmu)
We kissed as she left my office afterwards. I thought tolu was
active but tayo was over active, it was s*x in the office for the
remainder of the week…I got tired and started thinking abt my
career if I was actually learning the job or doing s*x slave……all
the assignment given to me was done by tayo even though there
was a bit of my own input too, BJ was surprised that I was
catching up faster.
It was friday afternoon and I decided to go and pick up my car
later in the evening…..I called mrs julliet that I was coming to
pick her……she said she will be closing late as they have
meeting, I said she shouldn’t worry as I will wait for her……….I
was on the island since around after five, saw a short gown in a
boutique and decided to buy it even though I dont know who am
giving it to……..she called me around 8pm that she’s through
and I told her I parked a bit down to her office in a coded area
which I described to her, she walked down to me., I hugged and
kissed her
Me:hw are u baby, hw was the meeting
Mrs juliet:fine dear……..
Me:hope dey didnt stress u much
Mrs juliet:no oooo….I will even resign soon if evrytyn work out
Me:what happened? hope no problem
Mrs juliet:its notyn bad, I have a new job am looking forward to ni
Me:ohk….thats good, maybe I can join u at your new place then
Mrs juliet:you will be welcome, lets pray evrytyn work out well
Me:see your mouth…you have to pay me sign on fees to join you
Mrs juliet:you are not serious, are u a footballer
Mrs juliet:so, watz happening? ……
Me:am taking u out 2nyt before going home……it was Monday
we saw last
Mrs juliet:ohk oooo…..where are we going
Me:dont worry, can we go now or you still have anytyn u want to
do in the office?
Mrs juliet:lemme ask my driver to go and collect the car
key….that means you will bring me back here to pick my car……
Me:no problem dear
Mrs juliet:you will be the one that will make me drive this
evening oooooo
Me:sorry for the inconveniences dear, I love u so much…placing
a kiss on her
Mrs juliet:I love you too……..


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