-My Office, My Clients And My Career

Read Story: My Office, My Clients And My Career… Part 22

This is another story written by Snakie86 (08020998942)….

We got to the car and she entered…instead of to start the car
immediately, I drew her neck closer and started kissing her, she
responded as we kissed passionately…………….
Me:Thank you so much baby……….
Mrs Juliet:stop thanking me, its nothing……..we will enjoy each
other so far u can keep to my rule
Me:No problem Ma……
I drove her close to her street (like 3 street before her street) as
she gave me 5k for transport again…we kissed again and do
some finger bleeping and serious bossom sucking that lasted for
almost 30mins but no actual bleeping……..The next thing now is
how to tell people where I got money from to buy car…will
buying the car not meaning I will start living beyond my status?
Work resumed the following day with Tayo resuming to the
office…..It was business as usual, I called chinedu that someone
gave me his contact, he said I should come and meet him
somewhere around igbosere and see some cars…I seek excuse
from BJ that I was not feeling fine and need to see the dr..she
asked me to go and probably go home afterwards to relax. Met
Chinedu, we both went to where the cars was and decided to go
for the EOD, I paid him in the bank..thank God we are using the
same bank and it was just a transfer………I had to reason to doubt
him as I believe madam trusted him that was why he
recommended him..i gave him more money for processing of
other document which he said everytyn will be ready latest by
Thursday. I told madam all what was happening and she said I
shouldn’t worry as chinedu was a trusted partner. I went home
with full joy that day knowing that I was already a car owner.
My neighbor decided to drop me on the island on Wednesday
morning; I got to my office as early as 6:30 instead of normal
8am. To my surprise I already met Tayo in her office putting on
skirt and shirt…..
Me:wetyn happen Tayo? U no sleep for house (I closed the door
behind me)
Tayo:No mind me jare…I woke up early and decided to start
coming to work
Me:hey yah… neighbour dropped me somewhere here too
thats why am here early
Tayo:ohk. ……..
Me:good morning. …..
Tayo:good morning……
Me:is dat how you will greet me? (streching my hand forward)
I hugged her closed to my chest and sit on her table while
holding her waist in between my leg
Tayo:sebi have hug u, wat else
Me:notyn oooo…just that
Tayo:just that wat? Stop looking at me with that eye jhoor……
(she couldnt raised her eyes to look me)
Me:u look beautiful and I missed u so much (no word from
her)…..I missed evrytyn abt u, ur encouragement, the way u tutor
me…..u are just amazing…..I missed ur lips, the way we


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