-My Office, My Clients And My Career

Read Story: My Office, My Clients And My Career… Part 21

This is another story written by Snakie86 (08020998942)….

Here comes Monday morning at our usual meeting, it was agreed
that Akin and Tolu will be the one to support the client for the
week but Tayo will go with them for the first day so that they can
be familiar with things and people around. Better atleast that will
save me from seeing Mrs Julliet as she will appreciate me more
if she doesn’t have access to me all the time.
I concentrated on the assignment BJ gave me and nothing really
much to do as I was the only major consultant in the office aside
other admin staffs……as if Mrs Juliet read my though, she called
me asking for the reason why I was not in their office, told her its
our management decision..she asked if we could see later in the
evening after work and I said no problem…ask when she will
close and she said she will call me anything from 6pm…told her I
usually close by 5pm but she said I should just wait for her….I
reason that even if I closed by 5pm, it will almost be 6pm before I
get to marina. Tayo also beep me up to ask how I will be moving
if I can come meet her in Marina..told her not to worry that I will
find my way, moreoever we will see in the office the following
I closed early and headed straight to marina, I entered the Mr
biggs opposite CSS Bookshop and called madam that I was
there…she said I should give her like 10mins that she will meet
me there…just like she said, she called me that she was outside,
I went out and hop into her car
Mrs Juliet:Sorry, we can go inside there, my staffs might be
coming in there
Me: No problem ma

“we turn back to onikan and entered swe bar” we ordered for
drinks and continue our gisting
Mrs Juliet:So, how was your day
Me:fine Baby…..
Mrs Juliet:Fine baby, if my husband catch u..u no even dey
fear..How did u come
Me:I entered bus..told you am not mobile yet
Mrs Juliet:Wetyn u dey do with all your fat salary..i guess its all
those girls collecting all your money
Me:Not really ma…..still contributing to buy a car but my money
will be complete soon
Mrs Juliet:So, how much do u have now….
Me:Like 150-200k sha
Mrs Juliet: Is it bicycle you want to buy
Mrs Juliet:Which bank do u use
Me:Broad Bank …..
Mrs Juliet: And your account number……………..
Me: “heart beating faster”…3878356290
Mrs Juliet: Pls gimme a minutes…….
She picked up her phone to call a guy..she was just asking about
different cars and their prices…..she dropped the call and
continue pressing her phone….then my phone beep with a
message sound….i checked it, it was a credit alert of 1M, no
name but only description and some number……
Mrs Juliet:That’s 1M…I will give you chinedu’s number, he said
he have one tokunbo EOD for that amount….You can pick it up
with him tomorrow.
Me:Thank you ma..thank you so much ma….(wanted to kneel
Mrs Juliet:Don’t embarrass me abeg, we are in a public place
Me:Thank you so much Ma…God bless you Ma.
Mrs Juliet: Don’t mention…but remember what I told u
Me:Whats that Ma….
Mrs Juliet: Don’t mess with my daughter, its still better the way
we are like this, you wont want to see my other side…
Me:I already promise you Ma.
Mrs Juliet:That’s better..lets go pls, its after 8 already……
We stood up, collected the car key from madam……I was over
happy, one million naira richer, no be small thing oooo……”Just
two months at this new work, am already a car owner..wait ooo
am into sugar mummy runs”?


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