-My Office, My Clients And My Career

Read Story: My Office, My Clients And My Career… Part 20

This is another story written by Snakie86 (08020998942)….

I got home, eat and slept off again..i woke up around 4pm and
started preparing for the week…After like an hour, I picked up my
phone to call Mrs Juliet and Thank her…..I called the first time
she didn’t pick, retry again then I heard a voice
Me: Hello (Thank God I didn’t say baby)….Guess this is lovely
Lovelyn:Yeah….snakie I guess too
Me:How did you know am the one
Lovelyn:your name showed now and I picked cos u are the one, I
don’t pick my mums call ordinarily except for someone I know
Me:ohk…what about mummy
Lovelyn:She’s been sleeping since ooo…Guess it’s the hangover
of the party she went to yesterday
Me:maybe sha…she need rest now
Lovelyn:Abi ooo
Me:So, watz up with you…how come you are still serving
Lovelyn:long story jare, after I left holy saviours in jss2, I was
returned back to jss1 in my new school, I finished secondary
school, stayed one year at home before doing DE and eventually
crossing to 200level for a 5year course, after graduation,
mobilization for NYSC was not on time too…that was how I found
myself where I am now
Me:hey yah….it wasn’t too late now, so which state are u
Lovelyn:Ogun state, we actually wanted lagos but the thing
didn’t work out and ogun state was the nearest place
Me:whats the difference between Ogun and Lagos state?
Lovelyn: Abi ooo…..I hope you don’t look for people’s trouble
Me:lolzzz……..U know it cos I wanted u that was why I always
disturb u then…I have foreseen you will be a beauty queen when
we grow up
Lovelyn:I don hear you jhoor…..
Me:Your guy will definitely be a lucky one
Lovelyn:You can say that again……………
Me:Pls help me mummy I called when she wake up
Lovelyn:No problem
Me:When are you going back to ogun state
Lovelyn:Tomorrow oor Tuesday depending on when daddy
comes back. to you later
Lovelyn:Thank You.

I ended the call and try to relax and hoping for start of work on
Sunday, madam called me later in the evening saying lovely
delivered my message to her…….
Mrs Juliet:what other things did u discuss with lovely?
Me:Notyn ma….i only ask after you
Mrs Juliet:Hope u know anytyn between us is confidential
Me:U don’t need to tell me that Ma, when am not a kid
Mrs Juliet:Better…..and never try anytyn silly with my geh
Me:Not at all Ma…I understand what you are driving at Ma
Mrs Juliet:Its better you understand cos its good for us to be this
way and you will not want to see my other side
Me:I promise you Ma….Am not that kind of a guy
Mrs Juliet:I will take you for your word and keep tab on you guys
Me:Its not up to that ma
Mrs Juliet:Its up to that oooo…Is it now you? Snakie with sugar
coated mouth.
Me:No problem Ma I promise.
I started thinking of the kind of problem have put myself into but I
truly wanted Lovelyn as she fits into my kind of lady but with the
attack her mother is ready to give me, I don’t think I can make
any move again but that shouldn’t stop me from Deborah if I
have the chance. I called Tolu and Tayo to know how they were
doing and they both complained I didn’t call them but told them I
was busy.
It was around 11pm when I got another call from
thing led to the other, we started having phone intimacy, even
though I was not doing anytyn, I instructed her to be doing lot of
things from finger bleeping herself to different things….the call
lasted for almost two hours and I guess madam actually enjoyed
it…..I made up my mind to turn madam to something else she
will ever think of sexually even though I don’t know if she ever
exploded sexually like that before.
”come to think of it, she never discuss about the job with me
again…………was bleeping me all her plan in the first place ?she
never even engage me in the job conversation nor introduce me
to anybody at the party. Even at that, I never knew I will sleep at
her place…I guess it was faith and God granted her own wish


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