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Read Story: My Office, My Clients And My Career… Part 19

This is another story written by Snakie86 (08020998942)….

She adjusted her dress, moved downstairs to off the light and tv,
on her way coming upstairs, I lifted her up straight to the room
she brought out the laptop from and we took our bath….we slept
afterwards and did one more round very early in the morning
before sleeping again.
I woke up around after 8, took my bath and madam also did…she
gave me one BYC top to wear as my shirt was nothing to write
home about again….Breakfast was served for us on the dinning
and I tried to relax a bit before going, I couldnt stop starring at
deborah physique..told her I will be going by 11am and she said
no problem. It was around after 10 when someone knocked on
the door….Two ladies walk in and one was arguably older than
the other, I realised the face of her daughter actually look familiar
Me:I will like to be going
Mrs julliet:ohk……meet my daughter lovelyn…….this is my
colleague snakie
Me:hi lovelyn
Me:you look familiar…..did u attend Holy Savious college?
Lovelyn:yes, I left in jss2
Me:ehn ehn….have been looking at your pics on the wall……so,
u dont remember me, snakie that was sitting beside ikechukwu
way back then…..that I use to disturb u and sing for you then
Lovelyn:ahhh, its you oooo….you’re now big I cant even
recognize you if not you are saying it now
Me:Even you, you are now a big geh
Mrs juliet:so, u guys actually know each other (for the first time,
there was a bit of guilt on her face)
Lovelyn:Don’t mind him oo mummy, he was the troublesome guy
I always reported to you then while I was in Holy Saviours
Mrs juliet:then you can always beat him back now…….
Me & lovelyn:laughed
Lovelyn:lemme have ur number pls…….(Mrs Juliet facial
expression says it all)
Lovelyn:am flashing u now……….
Me:so, wat are you doing now?
Lovelyn:rounding up my youth service next month
Me:datz good………am already on my way before you came
Lovelyn:we will talk on fone dont worry
Mrs julliet:pls take this…”handing me an envelop”
Me:dont worry ma….thank you
Mrs juliet:take jhoor, you are not serious……
I collected the envelope, counted it on my way going home and
its was 20k……….I smiled and was very satisfied.


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