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Read Story: My Office, My Clients And My Career… Part 16

This is another story written by Snakie86 (08020998942)….

As we were moving close towards her area, we realized
everywhere was silent and not too much people on the road…I
asked if that’s how their area was and madam responded that
though its not always noisy but not that empty….we continue
moving and suddenly we started hearing sound…
Me:This sound like gun shot
Mrs Juliet: Gun shot for where……….Continue going jhoor…..
The sound continued as we moved forward, then we saw like 3-5
people running back from the other side…….they couldn’t even wait
to ask what was happening, madam started saying I should move
faster that its like something is wrong in the area…..she placed a
call to someone that I guess was the gateman and instructed him
to stay close to the gate as she’s close to the house.
We got to her place within 3mins, I horn once and the gateman
opened the gate as we enter….
Mrs Juliet: Whats happening Ibrahim
Ibrahim: I heard it’s the Agbero in lawanson
Mrs Juliet:Whats happening to them?
Ibrahim: They said they killed one of them and the other faction is
retaliating the death
Mrs Ibrahim: Na wah ooo
Ibrahim:They started since around after six
Mrs Juliet:Its ohk…..just go back to your post……lock the gate very
well oooo
Ibrahim:Ohk Ma
Mrs Juliet:Pls come with me snakie, lets go inside
Me: I think I need to be going ma, its late already, this is after nine
Mrs Juliet:Going ke, when u hear about what has been happening
in this area abi u get photocopy of your life at home
Mrs Juliet:Just come inside and wait, lets see if it will go down a
bit so that you can start going or better still u stay till tomorrow
morning before going, tomorrow is Sunday now……………
Me:Yes ma
Mrs Juliet: And there is no work….i will suggest u stay till
tomorrow cos so many things are involve now…police might be on
the road arresting people and you get arrested mistakenly or those
people might still be fighting seriously, stray bullet wont meet us
Me:Amen Ma.
I followed her inside, the duplex was a well furnished one and
saying that they have taste was an understatement. Money was
spent on the house. I sat on the two seater looking around at the
pictures hanged on the wall, madam has two daughters and their
family pictures and individual ones were all around the sitting
room (“Mrs Juliet husband must be big” I said to myself).
“Deborah….Deborah…..Deborah, abi she don sleep ni” madam
asked………….Deborah walked in from one of the room….Deborah is
a matured lady with an average height, bweast was average and
the Bottom was there too, beautiful in her own way…I was
wondering if she was an house help or not as she looks clean.
Mrs Juliet: Na wah ooo…so, you are sleeping already without
seeing me
Deborah: I slept off mistakenly ma…
Mrs Juliet:ehn..if I don’t die u no even dey concern
Deborah:laughing…I no u cant die now
Mrs Juliet:I hear u…….Abeg get me water, this is my cousin, he will
be sleeping here tonight cos of the wahala happening in our area…
he brought me home and suppose to go back…Go and prepare the
visitors room for him pls
“on my mind, cousin ke? Its good sha as I no want wahala)
Deborah: Ohk Ma….what will you like to take sir
Me:Am ohk….But if I can get water too
Mrs Juliet: U wont eat food
Me:Am filled up ma….water is ohk for me
Mrs Juliet: even me too……..Please gimme some few minutes, I
will be back soon, pls feel free, you are home
Me:Ohk Ma.
Deborah put on the TV for me and put it on channel O, I couldn’t
help but stare on her standing bweast and Bottom..she wasn’t
putting on any bra. She went back to her inside, came back 5mins
later and said
Deborah: Your room is ready, it’s the last one there…..
Madam was already limping down from the stairs putting on her
nighties…. The nighties was a short gown rolled over her body
with a rope to tie them together by the edge of her stomach..her
cleavage was showing just little……………”damn mrs Juliet is
gorgeous naturally”
Mrs Juliet:Is the visitors room ready
Deborah:Yes Ma………..
Mrs Juliet:So, you want to go and sleep be that
Deborah: Smiled, yes ma
Mrs Juliet: Good night
Deborah: Good night Ma
Mrs Juliet: Hope you are ohk snakie?
Me:Am fine Ma……
All my eyes and thought was on deborah as she walk back to her
room….I was already fantasizing on how her dangling bweast will
look like in my mouth


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