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Read Story: My Office, My Clients And My Career… Part 15

This is another story written by Snakie86 (08020998942)….

Mrs Juliet joined me in the car not too long when I got back…..”am
very sorry for the delay” she said……”no problem ma” I responded
to her and we started moving
Mrs Juliet: So, what tym did u arrive here
Me:Around 5:30-6pm
Mrs Juliet: And u didn’t call my attention
Me:It was late before I see you cos I hardly noticed you
Mrs Juliet: How……..
Me:You are looking so different ma
Mrs Juliet:In what way……………
Me:Sincerely, you look like a chick with your outfit
Mrs Juliet:Sweet sixteen I guess
Me:Even less than that……and your beauty kill it all
Mrs Juliet:You don’t mean it….
Me:Am serious Ma…….On a normal day if I meet you outside, I
would have started toasting you before realising you are not my
age mate…
Mrs Juliet:You are not serious….so, if I ask you to guess my age
what will you say
Me:Late thirties I guess…….
Mrs Juliet: lolzzz…now u see, you are falling for my physique and
stature already
Me:yes ma…..cos ur beauty says it all and your physique is
awesome..i wish my wife can also be like this so that we can
enjoy ourselves for long
Mrs Juliet:Am in my early fourties very close to fourty five
Me:And I guess your next birthday will be your 45th.
Mrs Juliet: Yes of cos………
Me: That’s good Ma…..i so much love your stature Ma…………….You
look gorgeous tonight, I hope daddy tell u dat before leaving home
Mrs Juliet: He was not home when I left…
Me:ehn ehn….
Mrs Juliet: He travelled to Abuja o a business trip since lastweek,
he suppose to come back today but he called me earlier in the day
that his return will be on Monday due to some delay
Me:ohk…so no one assessed you? Well have done that on his
behalf sha… look gorgeous
Mrs Juliet: Thank you my dear………………..
She was just smiling all through our conversation till we
connected through Third mainland bridge and yaba, then
something happened when we got to sabo yaba roundabout close
to the pedestrian bridge….A danfo coming from the other side
rammed into us madam match break immediately and I almost hit
my head on the windscreen and same to her too……I was so
scared, thank God there was no other car close to us from behind,
it would have been something else. While still trying to get oursef,
the yeye driver that rammed into us started ranting and saying all
sort of things and zoomed off……”madam sorry”..hey yah…”so
sorry””he’s an edioot” “that’s how they behave”…”thank God you
are not hurt”..those are the words we are hearing from
people…….We came down from the car and madam was limping
already, we checked through the car and everytyn was ohk………
Me:That guy is an ediot
Mrs Juliet:He’s something else
Me:and he just zoomed off without thinking of what happened to
Mrs Juliet: U no them now…..maybe he has smoked what they use
to smoke
Me:we thank God for our life……
Mrs Juliet: Pls take the car key, I cant drive, my leg and chest is
Me:No problem ma. Pls lets go ma.
I moved to the driver’s seat and started driving, Mrs Juliet said i
should pass through stadium and drop her home then she will ask
someone to drop me when we get to her house at the nearest
place I can get a bus to my house……


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