-My Office, My Clients And My Career

Read Story: My Office, My Clients And My Career… Part 14

This is another story written by Snakie86 (08020998942)….

I woke up around after 10am, clean my face and put on my
Me:I will like to be on my way….
Tolu:streching…..wont u eat before leaving?
Me:I will go and do that wen I got home.
I left tolu’s place and got to my house around after 11….a msg
came into my phone as I was stepping into my house….it was
from mrs juliet describing the venue of the birthday party to me in
ikoyi and she followed it up with a call…
Mrs juliet:hello snakie, did u see my msg
Me:yes ma….just saw it now
Mrs juliet:so, I shud b expecting u by 4pm
Me:I will try ma
Mrs juliet:not try, I want u 2 b there……
Me:no problem ma.
Which kind tyn b dis one now…..abeg I no get tym for all this …I
said to myself…..”na sleep sure pass”…I toasted 3 bread and
settled it with a fanta den slept off again around past 12. I woke
up around after 3, took my bath and was relaxing when mrs
julliet called again asking if I was on my way already and she
was able to convince me to come…..I was just doing sluggish
after receiving the call……I finish dressing up around 4:30pm
putting on my finnest dress and stepped out of the room……due
to some ishh on the road, I didnt get to the venue till almost
6pm……once I got to the venue I decided to pitch my tent in a
coded area, I saw mrs juliet whinning and dinning around bt I
decided to free her…….it was after about 30mins dat she walked
pass where I was that I tapped her and greeted her…..
Mrs juliet:ahhh snakie……when did u come
Me:like an hour later
Mrs juliet:and u didnt call me
Me:I realised u were a bit busy so dont want to disturb u
Mrs juliet:have u taken anytyn….
Me:alot ma (big men party sweet die, wetyn u want wey no dey
there…..evrytyn full ground that u dont need to ask, I was wowed
with wat I saw and I dreamt of becoming big in my career one
Mrs juliet: thats good……pls hold this my wallet for me, I will
com and collect it later….
“which kind wahala b dis? Delay tactics, me wey wan sneak
commot”….I collected from her.
It was already to eight when I saw mrs juliet and told her I will
like to be going home…
Mrs juliet:did u come with your car?
Me:am not mobile ma
Mrs juliet:how will u now go
Me:public transport ma
Mrs juliet:why not wait a bit lets go together abi u have
something so urgent and important you want to go and do at
Me:notyn really ma
Mrs juliet:then wait now…just gimme like 30mins
Me:ohk ma….then I will be waiting outsise
Mrs juliet:outside ke?
Me: yes ma
Mrs juliet:will u stay in my car and wait for me then…..
Me:I guess dat wIll be a good idea…
Mrs juliet:lets go to where I park then

She moved out and I followed her, she parked somewhere a bit
far to the main entrance of the house cos of traffic, she opened
her land cruiser jeep with the car key, I entered, she put on the
ac for me and plead that I shud wait for her…… was not up to
30mins that I was in the car that I saw soneone that looked like
tayo hugging someone beside a car in a coded corner
passionately and the person was holding her by her waist(this
babe is a biatch olorun)… be sure my eyes is not deceiving
me, I came down from the car and looked very well…..they
gisted for like 5minutes before the guy left her and she was still
standing there….I walked towards where she was and she was
Tayo:what are you doing here
Me:I was invited here by this people now
Tayo:and u didnt tell me?
Me:did u tell me too?
Tayo:no vex oooo
Me:who among dem come invite you….
Tayo:All of them
Me:hmmmmm……I guess it was mr kunle
Tayo:you are not serious…….
People have started going and flashing their full lite on us on the
Me:pls lets move out of d road abeg……
Tayo: ohk..
we walk down to the front of a house where dey planted
trees….we stood in between two trees that was covering us u
wont even know pple were there as there was no light except
some people who put on their generators…..I held her hand as
we walk through to the place
Me:you aint looking bad oooo tayo
Tayo:I hear u…….
Me:if no be say we are colleagues I for dey carry u home ni oooo
Tayo:carry me now…ole
Me:I just wish……
Tayo:wish wat…….what do u wish
Me:I wish to kiss ur lovely lips
Tayo:my lips? (she kissed me)…..lobatan, wish
granted……what else
Me:lolzzz……not so fast
Tayp:you said kiss now….so what else
Me:oya wait…….
I moved forward with my lips and started kissing her……she
responded and kissed me back, this lasted for like 2mins…….
Tayo to oga (e don do bros) …..remain small for my husband
Me:you are not serious……who’s ur husband if not me
Tayo:hehehehe….husband indeed..if dem catch u
Me:make dem kuku catch me then
We started kissing all over again and I was bold enough this time
around to touch her bosom….I was kissing and handling at the
same tym…..Tayo’s bosom was soft and succulent….our
romance had not lasted for 3minutes when her fone started
Tayo:I have to go abeg… kunle is calling me, he’s dropping
me as I didnt come with my car
Tayo:how are you going? You can come and join us now…
Me:dont worry, I will find my way abeg…….
Tayo:ohk….I will call u once am home
Me:no p
She walk through the tree part and came out beside kunle’s car
and entered the car….I was just looking at her and for my mind, I
guess she actually kissed and romance me in order to erase any
doubt on my mind as regards her dating kunle but which one be
my own……”some kitty cat are like local firewood stove where
anybody can input their firewood and whenever your firewood
burnt finish another person will put his own……some can even
take up to five firewood at the same time all all burning at
different rate whereby the firewood in the stove is regarded as the
final husband”


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