-My NYSC Tale With The Fulani Girl (18+)

Read Story: My NYSC Tale With The Fulani Girl (18+)… Part 7

A story written by Circleofwilis…

In the morning I went to see the mother on the ward, she showed remarkable improvement, Nafisa was not there, her sister was pouring hot water from a flask into a tea cup, I nodded my head to the mother while mumbling ‘sannu, Allah kawo sauki’, the mother answered ‘nagode’, I extended the greeting to other patients on the ward.
The sister came to my consulting room worried, her countenance looked like she knows something, I tried to compose myself and not appear tensed, I was getting set to deny whatsoever question she will ask regarding me and her sister, I ask about her mother again like I had not seen her previously, ‘alhamdullihi’ she said. She looked @ me and gave an evil laugh. She came to warn me about her sister, she went further to tell me not to complicate nafisa’s issues.
Nafisa has been betrothed to her cousin, who slept with her even before the marriage rites were carried out, her parents heard about it and postponed the marriage to anoda day.
The second night we repeated the same thing, this S#xual encounter continued for 5days, on the 6th day I heard a knock on my door, I thought it was Nafisa, I opened the door but it was her sister Ummi, I welcomed her in, never In my mind I have tot of sleeping with the sister because she just got divorced by her husband and I hate fvcking slacked Kitty-cats, but i did. I went through the routine romance and then did a quickie before she left for the ward, her sister was however better in bed. After an hour Nafisa came in the usual way, that night I slept with her like there is no tomorrow.

Their mother got better and was discharged on the 8th day of admission. I did not see Nafisa again till about six weeks later when she came in pregnant, she got married 2 weeks after they left the hospital ……………….., her EDD is 12th of april,2014, i will finish my service February, I hope to wait and see how things unfold, I have a feeling she is carrying my baby……….i miss her


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