-My NYSC Tale With The Fulani Girl (18+)

Read Story: My NYSC Tale With The Fulani Girl (18+)… Part 6

A story written by Circleofwilis…

I heard hausa/Fulani girls are relaxed like smooth muscles during s*x, they are just submissive and docile, the men do everything, any contribution from them are termed as an abomination/prostitution, Nafisa was doing a similar thing that night, I turned her left-right-centre without responding, she doesn’t even know how to kiss, and stimulating my joystick with her hands was a problem, she was just lying down enjoying every bit of me. It was kind of selfish, so immediately I unclothed her I did only little pre-intimacy before going for the fvck. In missionary position i parted her legs and then inserted my joystick into it slowly initially then faster, did that for some few minutes before I changed her position like a toy.
I then placed her in a doggy position, from behind I penetrated and continued pressing her in and out while holding her @ the hips, she kept shouting and saying ‘ka bari! Ka bari!!, na shiga uku! , I did not stop, what she was saying sounded like an approval for me to continue, I continued slamming her from behind, she started crying out loud waiyo! Waiyo!! Maaama na! pls stop! Etc. she tried pulling herself from my joystick but couldn’t because I was holding her so tight @ the waist.

She went flat on the mattress, weak like she was life less, I turned her to supine position then placed a pillow beneath her buttocks held my joystick and pushed in with full force, then fvct her..She was so tight, I enjoyed it! Her hip came together adding to the tightness, I held them wide open and continued doing the up and down movement fast and hard, the clashing of my perineum against hers produced a note.

She started having spasm, held me so tight like she was trying to adsorb me into herself giving me a scratch with her nails, felt some sweet pain on my back. Like a war I kept hitting the hole, I couldn’t withdraw my joystick to Erupt so I poured the whole cream into her veejay, I did only two rounds before we slept. She disappeared around 5am; I woke up and didn’t see her.

To Be Continued…

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