-My NYSC Tale With The Fulani Girl (18+)

Read Story: My NYSC Tale With The Fulani Girl (18+)… Part 5

A story written by Circleofwilis…

The only perfect thing that night ws sticking my erect Joystick into that hole, HIV was not my problem, getting a fulani gurl pregnant outside marriage is equivalent to committing suicide, that was my greatest fear. Nafisa was just lying down enjoying my actions on her completely oblivious of the condom situation. I unbuttoned/unzipped my trouser pulling it down completely and then made way for my joystick through the slit of the boxers, I held it and moved my hand continuously from the root of the joystick to the tip of the joystick stimulating it the more, then held Nafisa at the hips and placed her @ knee-elbow position, used the tip of my joystick to make an up-down movement over the V-opening rubbing the femalecore-I gently made a push, withdrew and pushed again then I heard somebody knocking on my door, my intention was to ignore, but Nafisa’s voice will expose me. I withdrew my joystick, took a part of the bed sheet to cover her mouth.

The person didn’t go even after 5minutes, he continued knocking, from knocking it changed to banging, and then I heard people murmuring, who are they? I ask myself? My friend will not knock/bang my door like this, but nobody saw me or her while we were coming? That was when it dawn on me that I was in some big trouble, my joystick shrank to chalk size, my eyeballs where almost coming out, I could hear my heart beat, I moved closer to the door peeped through the key hole could see two people but only from their waist down, one was flashing the light the other was banging on my door…I turned to wake this lady from fantasy land, she was already fully dressed with her hijab on, may be this gurl set me up I thought, but how could she allow me go that far……………..i positioned my left hear on the key hole to hear them, they were speaking in some language, then I heard Dr.kelechi in one of the sentences….

Kelechi is a medical Dr serving in that hospital, he is my flat mate who later became my friend, he is a master in the game of s*x, he has a lady sleeping over almost every night, sometimes they wake me up with the sound of lovemaking ,this simply buttress the believe that Drs flirt much. He was on call that day when these people who happened to be his church members brought in the church security guard that slumped during midweek prayers.

When I heard that, I was sure it wasn’t anything related to Nafisa so I opened the door, they asked for Dr. Kelechi but because he is not around they collected his number and left. I ran back inside to continue the sin I was already committing, with force I removed the hijab and the wrapper, played with Bosom and then went for the missionary position…..

To Be Continued…

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