-My NYSC Tale With The Fulani Girl (18+)

Read Story: My NYSC Tale With The Fulani Girl (18+)… Part 3

A story written by Circleofwilis…

I met her sitting in front of a shop opposite the hospital gate, the shop was locked and the place was dark I may not have seen her if not for the moon light. I sat opposite her but left a space of “safety”,She told me things about herself, her religion/tradition ,her likes and dislikes. I noticed she was more free and relaxed, that shyness has been abolished by the lack of eye contact caused by darkness.
We gisted for close to an hour when I jokingly invited her for the night in my place, she rejected the offer as expected, we were on that when the light shone on us, I saw she was not comfortable, all of a sudden she said “mu je gidan ka” (lets go to ur house), but requested that I should go ahead of her.
Nafisa followed me slowly from behind, the space between us kept increasing at some point she stopped coming, I gave her margin of like 100m. I just continued going, on reaching my lodge the first thing I did was to switch off both the front and room light, I felt it will be convenient for her coming in like a thief in the night.
I waited in my dark room for close to 10minutes, I almost gave up when heard a knock on my door, the way she rushed in amazed me, pushed me aside and went straight to my bed as if she has bn to my room before.
She was quiet and not responding to my gist. My intention was to play a gentle-man by allowing her sleep in my room while I squat with nebos ,the brain was willing but the joystick was refusing, her presence changed the smell of the room , it was natural, unique and unadulterated by white man’s perfumes and body creams, that gave me some subtle Attention.
Her pheromones drew me closer, she refused the drink I offered, I forced the glass of “kunu” into her hands, she dropped it back on the floor beside the mattress. I held the hands again but this time around I started rubbing it and gently pulling each of the fingers aimlessly removing nothing, her hands were soft and sweaty…she did not reject, I continued that b4 I placed my rite hand on her belly beneath the hijab ,I was surprised that Nafisa was not wearing any shirt under( na so malo girls thy do? I ask myself). I caressed and played with her umbilicus , rolled my hand over the skin of the belly making a zigzag movement, then I maneuvered my hand to her Bosom-they were smooth , soft and the tip were a bit firm.
The hijab was obstructing perfect access to the apples, so I rolled it gradually over her belly- Bosom- then head. At that juncture she was lying down on her back with the Bosom facing me.
I stroke the left Tip with my thumb and index finger then placed my tongue on it to suck while my hands played the adult play with the other Bosom, my hand moved gradually down over the pubic region lifted the wrapper a little and discovered she had no underwear , my fingers rolled over her unshaved hairy Mons to the femalecore, this was when Nafisa started mourning and saying words that are incomprehensible, clearly heard ‘asafrulla,, she was completely wet, my joystick was already pushing through my trouser so i…

To Be Continued…

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