-My NYSC Tale With The Fulani Girl (18+)

Read Story: My NYSC Tale With The Fulani Girl (18+)… Part 2

A story written by Circleofwilis…

I did ol I cud to ensure the mother ws attended to , I provided ol the necessary test needed for her care, I even helped secure blood for transfusion.All these I did under Nafisa’s spell. My fst gist with her happened wen I went to the ward to tek blood samples.Nafisa ws cleanin up the dried blood stains on the mother’s body wen I enterd, I noticed she ws findin it difficult liftin the mother up to stting position, I greeted her and offerd to help.She ws stndin in a tite corner btw the bed and the wall, so I moved to enta the narrow space she created fr me btwn her sef and the bed.I tried to squeeze my sef in witout touchin her, my elbow brushed smtin tht felt so soft, my arm stood thr fr seconds, I felt the current dwn my groin, my joystick responded and the whol hair on my body stood erect, I didn’t check but I ws sure I had goose pimples. Nafisa shouted ‘ahuzubilahi’, dt ws wen the tin registered in my brain tht I ws touchin smtin I ws nt suppose to touch, I told her sorry and went on with the hlp. We were able to finish within minutes. I tuk my blood samples, in the process I initiated a conversation usin the little hausa I knw, I ask fr her name and the name of her elder sista who ws doin the runnin around in the hospital, with a shy face she told me her name,Nafisa and her sistas name ummi..She cudnt luk @ me in the face ol thru the gist,but kpt on lafin and makin jest of my hausa.

I left the ward imaginng dt gurl without her hijab, as I ws comin to d lab buried in my fantasies I heard a faint sweet voice callin me ‘dokta’ dokta’, I turned and saw Nafisa comin towards me…I hd no plan on hw to go on wt d mision of gettin her to mysef but d gods of mazi-omenuko wr wth me, i tried to converse with hr but she ws in a haste (may be bcs she doesn’t wnt to be seen tokin to a man).She infmed me tht her elda sista wil be sleepin over so she collected my fone numba without givin me her’s.

I stay in the kopas lodge within the hospital,the place is usually quiet especially in the evening..I ws abt takin my bath arnd 9pm wen my fone rang, wen eva I try to pick ,the call cuts, the person kpt doin dt , I ws even annoyed @ the load of miss calls, I said to mysef this is 2013 and pple stil flash numbers..with anger I called, the person picked and said ‘salama lekum’,its a lady’s voice I heard but I ws nt sure who , ‘who is on the line?’, she ansred ‘Nafisa ne, are u within the hospital I told her yes. She missed her bike bcs of the state of emergency/curfew stuff and wl thr4 spend the nite in the hospital, but only a person is allwd per patient and dt place hs bn taken ovr by hr sista……………………….naso I hit-hit jackpot oo
the main tori dey come soon oo

To Be Continued…

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