Read Story: A Love And Hate Relationship (True Life Story)… Part 6

Written by Leriebloom

He had finally completed the song he had composed for her . He drove to her place the next day .On getting there, he had called her line, but Sophie had picked up telling him she didn’t want to speak to him. He knocked on the door twice before Sophie answered. “Xavier she wouldn’t speak to you” Sophie said sadly.
Xavier cleared his throat “At least, please help me give this to her”he said akwardly, handing over the CD to Sophie and he left with his heart forever crushed.
Not more than five hours later , Nathalie received a call from Xavier sister. She picked “Ada i wont still speak to him, even if you beg me” She said without greeting.
“Nathalie something bad has happened!”Ada cried.
Now Nathalie was scared. “What happened Ada?” she asked.
Ada sniffed”Xavier has been involved in an accident, we are at the hospital now, the doctors are not saying anything yet, i am scared” she admitted.
“What hospital is that?” Nathalie asked rushing to get her purse.
“St. Peters Hospital,our family’s hospital” Ada sniffed again.
“I am coming right away” Nathalie said praying as she she rushed out of the house.
Nathalie arrived at the hospital thirty minutes later. She greeted Xavier’s parent, they seemed disorganized. Nathalie herself wasn’t in her right state of mind “Please God, let him come out alive” she prayed. She walked to Ada and held her hand. She needed someone to hold right now.
They waited for an hour before the doctors walked up to them, with his shoulders sagged. The worse had happened. Nathalie prayed not, she still had hope.
“I am sorry, Xavier did not make it” the doctor voiced out Nathalie’s worse nightmare. She fell to the ground. She felt empty, she had lost him for good.
“I want to see him” Xavier’s mother shouted. “I need to see my only son” She said crying. Nathalie’s world had gone blank. She was empty. It was her fault. If she had let him in today, he wouldn’t have died.
They were taken to see Xavier’s body. They were all crying but Nathalie couldn’t find the voice to cry, she didn’t know how to start crying. She felt the tears slipping down her eyes, she was finding it hard to breathe. She went to his body and held him.
“Please Xavier i would wait for you, i am ready to wait, come back to me” she pleaded. She cried on his body but not a sound came through her lips. The nurses had to drag her off Xavier’s body.
Nathalie was taken home by Ada who was also in a bad state. Nathalie cried and cried until there was no tears coming through her eyes. That was when she saw the CD placed on her table. Sophie had left it there for Nathaloe to decide on what to do with it.
Nathalie felt a huge part of her had died with Xavier. She took the CD and played. His voice gave her comfort. This voice that she believed would hunt her forever.
She picked out a statement from the song “I would love you eternally, now and forever” she mourned even harder and this time her voice had come out. Things would never be the same without him, that she knew.


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