-A Love And Hate Relationship (True Life Story)

Read Story: A Love And Hate Relationship (True Life Story)… Part 4

Written by Leriebloom

Xavier stood by the window, taking in the view of the ocean, he loved Nathalie. He loved her so much and he had to admit the fact that he was whipped, but she didnt trust him, after the incident at the resturant, he had rushed after her, only for her to bang the door at his face. He had sunk to the ground, he had heard her cry and with each second he had felt his heart sank.
He couldn’t marry her now, he needed to be independent,he was a man now and he refused any financial help from hisparents. He could never dump Nathalie, he hated to see her cry, she was his everything., his life and his heart.She was beautiful,caring, possesive, and shy although not anymore with the girls who flirted with him, and she was phenomenal, a phenomenal woman. He sighed and walked out of his room, walking towards Nathalie room. He knocked once, twice, thrice and no answer. He listened carefully, there was still no answer, he listened carefully, nothing, no sounds. His guts were telling himsomething was wrong. He kicked the door with alot of strength and the door flew open to reveal Nathalie on the floor, she seemed unconcious. There was an empty bottle of alcohol . Nathalie never drank, but this past few days she had taken a liking to it. He rushed towards her, crushing her to his chest, he carried her into the bathroom stripping her and turning on the water and putting her in the tub.
“What are you doing to yourself Nathalie?” he asked no one in particular. Nathalie came back to conciousness in a fist of cough.
She stared up at him scowling “What are you doing here?”
Xavier sighed “dont you get it, dont you get that i love you?” he said giving her a towel.
“Why dont you propose?” she asked taking the towel and wrapping it around herself.
xavier took her hand “I will marry you”Xavier said and Nathalie felt her heart drumming “You will?” she asked with the glint of hope in her eyes. He kissed the top of her
head “Yes i will” he said and she smiled with satisfaction.

To Be Continued…

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