-A Love And Hate Relationship (True Life Story)

Read Story: A Love And Hate Relationship (True Life Story)… Part 1

Written by Leriebloom


The tension in the room was thick. Nathalie faked a smile, staring at the girl who was throwing herself all over Xavier, her boyfriend for four years now. Four years and nothing to show for it. No proposal, just dates upon dates that led to where? no where. Nathalie glared at Xavier who was oblivious to the fact that his friend’s girlfriend was all over him, not even caring about the fact her boyfriend was sitted beside her.
” Excuse me” Nathalie said shoving her sit backwards and leaving aware of the fact that Xavier was on her trail.
“What is your problem?” he asked obviously tired.
Nathalie turned around scowling at him.
“My problem?, seriously are you asking me that?, dont you see that tramp throwing herself all over you?” Nathalie answered hotly.
Xavier sighed “So that is the reason behind your behaviour” it was more of a question than a statement.
Nathalie glared at him “Xavier, we have been together for four years, we have been bestfriends for fifteen years.I know you like i know the back of my palm, so what is holding you back?” Nathalie said softly.
Xavier frowned. It always came down to this. Marriage. He had tried a number of times to tell her he was not ready but she got the latter. He wasn’t ready for this topic. Not here and definitely not now. If he were to go into marriage, he needed to think of the future. Their future, the bills, the kids. He loved her, but as painful as it was, he was not ready.
“Does it always come down to this?” he asked devastated.
Nathalie stepped forward clutching his hands in her small ones and looking up to him through glassy eyes.
“Xavier i love you so much and i dont want you taken away from me, i cant bare that pain Xavier. I am scared of loosing you” Nathalie said, her eyes already watery.
“And you wont, why cant you just believe in me?” Xavier asked softly.
“And why dont you just propose?” Nathalie countered releasing his hands and shoving him with her fists.
“What is holding you back Xavier?, who is holding you back?” the tears escaped her eyes.
“You should go home” Xavier said, clearly tired. His girlfriend was a drama queen, but that was one of the qualities he liked about her. He was brought back to reality with a slap.
“What?” Xavier asked touching his face. It stung badly. He watched her wipe her tearswith the back of her palm and was about to walk away when he clutched her hand in his grasp.
“Nathalie please” he pleaded.
She scowled at him.
“let go of me you______” she tried freeing herself from his grasp.
“Dont push me Xavier, dont!” she warned but Xavier drew her into his chest. She bursted out crying.
“I love you Nathalie. Dont forget that, i love you” he said softly, kissing her head.
“I love you too, but i am scared.I am so scared of loosing you, i cant share you with anyone. Xavier let’s just get married please” she said in between tears.
“Nathalie we will. Someday but not now” he said softly.

To Be Continued…

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