-The Journey (18+)

Read Story: The Journey (18+)… Part 9

A story written by lord Zeus, (569B543C)…

We continued our missionary style she was so hot and a bit thighter inside even witht the condom i could feel her, from the missionary style we switched to on top reversed cow girl style, she was really grinding her arse on my rod i was just m0an!ng we were just rotating sides before we knew we found our self on the floor i was close to cuming she has cummed twiced already, then we switched back to doggy style were i [email protected] her from behind then i cummed,

after cuming i went into the the toilet to dispose the used cd, came back met her lying unclad on the bed then i layed by her she said you are a lion i just smiled meanwhile my rod was still standing still nodding for more then we laying staring at the ceiling then she said “is like you want to go for more right???? And i just pointed at my standing rod, we headed for another journey again o, this time it was a marathon on don’t forget (alomo is involve) we did it for almost an hour then i felt on the bed was weak and feeling dizzy she too thats how we were woke up the next morning around 10 but she was up already made the food clean the house, i just dragged my self went to bath afterward went to the dining ate the food she cooked there wasn’t light i just sat and took my phone toggled with it,

and replied my whatsapp message then she came sat by my side we were just talking then i heard like a violent knock on my door then i was like who is this, went to check lo and behold it was jessy i smiled but she wore a frowny face and next was that i should come and have a check on the compound machine, i then wore my silpers and went check, while i was in her apartment i tried talking to her but she was just like is that what i said you should do then i just left it and went straight to her and sat her down then she faced the other way you know how girls do when they wanna listen to your escuse but pretend they aint listening then i went close to her sat by her and told her the lady upstairs is my aunt and she was sent down by my mum to stay while she is away incase i may need little help at home thats how it went that nothing is involve then she was like why didn’t i tell her before i was like she never cared to listen then i just stood up without saying any word went to finish the machine problem and it worked,

then she came and said she was sorry na him my head swell i come start my own shakara trust guys now wetin you expect i just went inside locked the door then there was light already, cus as soon as i left my side they brought it, i met bussy watching tv then i sat by her we were watching videos on sound city, and she said she could dance then she started twerking omo this girl na devilish twerker, she just dey wine the thing ni, with the bumper short she was wearing it brought out her arse omo i just bone t.v dey watch live music vidz wey dey in front of me while my rod was nodding to the beat, then my phone rang i went inside it was jessy she told me to come she wanted seeing me and i side she should gimme an hour i am doing something with my aunt(something indeed) omo as i return she came twerking my rod i went wild and then i started squeezing her b0s0m from the back,

she let out a little m0an then i dipped my hand in to her shorts and finger founded her honey pot ment she was already wet i just dragged down her short finger F***ed her but she was eager for the main thing the stroked my J0yst!ck abit then i just entered her from behind and smashed her and [email protected] her from behind while she held on to the cushion in the palour then she layed on it then i went for the missionary then i started doing it in a slow and fast mode she was bitting her lips in enjoyment of the bleeping, i was about cuming same as she then we had it for the next 7 min after wards then i cummed and she to our both cums met then i just layed on her, then i remembered i had an appointment with jessy then i stood up freshened up put on pef in other not to expose some suspicious scent went to the palour bussy was still lying down the collision of both cums was dripping down her [email protected] whole then i told her i am coming she stood up and went to freshen up then i headed down the stairs to jessy place…..

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