-The Journey (18+)

Read Story: The Journey (18+)… Part 8

A story written by lord Zeus, (569B543C)…

After the whole thing i went straight to the bathroom had my bath then ate my food la!d on the cushion i saw the remote i started fantasing about how it went was just thinking of how she is gonna handle me, then i picked up my phone to do little things, chatted and made some few calls, i called my mum to inquire where they were they said ogun state i said ok i just picked my pad started playing grand theft auto game on my ps3 was just crashing cars anyhow then i remembered the cake jessy brought earlier that morning ate it with fruit juice so i decided to stroll out in other to receive fresh air on my way back i branch at a chemist shop to buy 3 packet of kiss condom in preparation for the weekend and alomo with guiness can 2 and bullet, i just went inside dropped it in the fridge. It was around 5;30 when busola called me she was on her way to my place that i should wait at our gate so i can help her in for my mind i was like so early what will i do with jessy tonight well i just lock up, went out to pick busola took her upstairs and helped in carrying her bag as i passed in front of jessy apartment the look on jessy face could write you up to a thousand word essay on the angriest day of my life, i just lock up carried busola up stairs as i turned back to get busola bread because she said she wanted bread for the evening i just jessy at the stairs the next thing was, who was that girl?

Then i said calm down omo she no gree o, no abuse wey she no abuse me finish you know as girls be nau,i come comot go buy bread enter house drop, make tea for busola because it was a bit raining that night so it was cold then i went back to visit jessy to eexplain things she no even answer me even her mum was surprised what was happening then she asked what was it then i said i offeneded her but just wanted to appologise still jessy never even showed remorse or anything, i was a bit down but who cares when i had a wonder ful package waiting for me upstairs went straight up stairs to see busola she was already in the palour siping her tea then she said she wanted taking her bath but the water isn’t running so i had fetch water down stairs on getting upstairs she was already in my room unclad sitting on the bed then she said she wanted using my bathroom,

when i entered that was when i knew that “eating only one soup wont make you know the value of other soups” omo busola was tall but not to tall i was taller than she is, but she was tall in her own way he b0s0m were big even one of my hand could not hold it firm, she was black skinned her [email protected] was well shaved, but hair are already growing a bit she was beautiful and she had a voice as if she is 16 years of age, but just 24, as soon as she turned around her arse was mighty and wide even abit more than jessy own i was just looking at her all the way then she asked if i cared for a bath i said not not i gat things to do my J0yst!ck was really up she sighted it cus i was wearing a playing [email protected] so it was easily sported i just went straight to the fridge took my alomo missed with guiness gulps it though very bitter but drank fruit juice to wipe away the bitterness, then went straight to brush my teeth so it wont show as i got back to the room she was already in her nighty this time just wrapper alone we sat in the palour just saying neutral things then next we started talking dirty before you know it my mood don rise to 101% i could not wait then she said what next, i had no answer to that, i stood up went inside but as i was standing she drew me back planted me a deep kiss i responded instantly kissing for like 5 to 10 min, then i started flicking her tips as if am flicking an analog pad, on that three sitter couch then she said she loved it on the couch then she was kissing me deeply i can confess she was a good kisser then i just off my singlet the switched off the light beside the wall next to me left alone the rays from the alogine lamp out side coming through the windows we kept on with our thrills as i continue massaging her b0s0m with force then licked my way down her belly button to her kitty kat then she said no she has never tried it before and she does not want to, then i said its ok it wont hurt but she persisted, but i continued and my tongue found its way to her kitty cl!tz she made a loud m0an and i started sU-Cking her then i move to finger fu-Cking her, but her body could not hold any more she was shivering and winding her waste wthen i notice she was vibrating and about to Pour so i made my way to by pulling off my knickers and putting on the condom and started banging her in missionary style.

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