-The Journey (18+)

Read Story: The Journey (18+)… Part 6

A story written by lord Zeus, (569B543C)…

As soon as i woke up by 12 noon went to the kitchen on the way dad was in the palour with his friends i greeted them and passed, entered kitchen, checked my food in the micro wave i ate the food then went inside i started chating with esther we chatted till afternoon then busola call entered, i picked and reminded her of her coming on Saturday she said no problem that ashe will make it, then i still tried rhemmy number still not going, i just bone the girl ni na so i delete the number comot from my phone, went back to the room carried my lappy i started browsing on my fb, as usual na so i hear ko ko ko, i went to check it was jessy shinning in her coppers uniform with a grin on her face and a wonderful smile and she said her hello and i smile back but popsy dey palour i just go down stairs follow am na so we come dey gist sha she say make i follow am go inside na so we enter still gisting she served me chill drink(farouz)

and some cookies she went into her room as she comot omo na with towel o omo i was carried away i nono when i pour drink for nose she just dey shout take it easy then she sat near me then the down part of the towel was open i could see little hairy part of her kitty kat my J0yst!ck don rise i started romancing her thighs, from there i went to start kissing her, the i stared playing with her tips is sU-Cked it heard then i gave it a little bite she mde a m0an then she was romancing my rod then she brought it out strocking it hard to the extent the pre Pour was just coming out making the strocking to be soft, i was just feeling like heaven then she la!d on the couch by this time her towel was off then she turned around her arse was up,OMG!!!!

Wish you guys can see how it looks like then she parted her legs into two then [email protected] was out i could see the driping of her wetness then i started finger fu-Cking her from behind meanwhile my rod was station directly in front of it then i removed my cd preparing to tear and wear it as i say make i wear am na him popsy call me o instantly my thing went low, then i decided, to ask what was it then he said i should go and pick my mum that there is no bus that the bus was scarce i just dey grumble for my mind as i entered the car then she blew me a kiss i responded back with a frown on my face i went to pick her up came back around 5 cus we branch mile 12 market before going to our home in ketu as we dey enter gate i saw jessy again at her entrance picking beans she greeted my mum well as we entered then she eyed me and gave me the come

back sign i was delighted i could not wait to go and come back. I helped mum with the food then she served us me i no even get appetite to chop all my mind dey her side ni, i just go keep the food for inside micro wave then as i won go again na him dey call me tell me say dem dey travel the next morning sey i dey go omo see the way i shout no like sey i mean am like madt but na because of the kitty kats available for my mind then they said i should take care oooo, it was as if the next day should just come sharply, anyways i just told them i wanted to check someone downstairs then they said i shouldn’t enter late, because i know they don’t like me keeping late at night, i said ok, as i just jumped down stairs because i never descended the stairs fully i was just skipping them like 4 steps and 5 steps as i reached her door step i started hearing strange voices as if…

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