-The Journey (18+)

Read Story: The Journey (18+)… Part 5

A story written by lord Zeus, (569B543C)…

Then the person knocked again for my mind i was like abi papa don catch scope sey i dey round this man no dey sleep ni, e no no sey e don old why e won spoil my work na…………………..

then the person knocked the third time, then the voice just said aunty jessy abeg help us off the pumping machine it was haruna our gate keeper, she said ok, immediately she off it she was like i am coming she was wearign a bum short before then she changed to a short nightyshe was damn hot like a goddess,

then she sat beside me she was wearing a pink [email protected] no bra then the gown has a rope once you loose the rope the nighty will dropped to the floor then she said i look handsome and she also has been noticing me and she felt i would be a cool guy perfect for my mind all thos ones na tales by moon light she just stunned me and said she would love to have me in her omo my heard was like as if its gone then she drew me nearer planted a deep kiss in my mouth her mouth was so warm, i replied the kiss sharply no time then we deeep kissed with out i loosed the rope it fell on the floor then her medium bosso flooped out it wasnt that big that but i was just exploring like dora the explorer,

deep sU-Cking her tips as if my life deepend on it no be my fault na andre and amarula dey work, she was just hmming diff musicall note were flowing from her mouth and she had the perfect before we knew it we were already in her room i was still on the b0s0m and she was enjoying the s£nsat!on and giving me back with tones flinging her head left and right back she held my heard tight she was like eh baby i feell you pls dont stop sometimes she would confuse me with words like stop it i like it, i would be like anh ahn this won dey confuse me then after working on the b0s0m for 15 min utes then i licked her down her belly button, then i rolled her pink neted [email protected] down it was damn so wet like i could feel her dripping and its rolling down her s*xy** tighs, and she was like awww!!!! then i searched for her cl!tz started rubing it 360 degress front and back she was just murmuring and shouting f**k me badly!!!

yeah baby i ant you its just you i want!!! iah baby you so good, she grabed my rod that alread errect and its even paining me but i continued then i slide a finger and started finger fu-Cking her the slided two fingers i worked on her kitty kat finally she layed me down before i knew it na mouth gig ooo she was very good i won die before i knew it i drew my wallet out brought a condom she tore it and wore it on my rod then the journey to lala land began then she rode me like a donkey in a cow girl revesred style e had it and then we shifted to the doggy style i started banging her from behind mehn this bith was too hot i diid all that switched to missionary style then we continued for like 15 min then we cummed together we colapsed on the bed breathing heavily she was just smilling then the next thing was i heard was you are the bed that was how the journey of excapades with jessy, she woke up as early as 6 woke me up then i went upstairs to my own apartment la!d and slept off woke up by 12 noon……………………….

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