-The Journey (18+)

Read Story: The Journey (18+)… Part 4

A story written by lord Zeus, (569B543C)…

The next day mum came waking me up to drop her off at the bustop which i did as i came back i saw a very beautiful, cocacola shaped liked looking yellow damsel she was a corper na so i greet am she just bone probably she may think i was just employed into the house as driver na so she bone my side i was like coopers and pride na so i carry on park popsy car, i just dey try rhemmy number e no gooo, then my angel esther called me i picked up talked with happiness then she ask hope my journey wasnt stressfull i said no, i told about the lovers that where diggint it out then she smailed and said she wish she was there too during the journey and we sat togher we chuckled and exchanged phone kisses,

in the evening the cooper came up to greet my dad and she met me in the palour i lay on my mum laps then she was shocked it was written all over her face, i bone then the next morning as i was going to the mall the popular one shoprite to get somethings for popsy then i saw her going towards the gate then i horned, and asked wher he was heading to she said surulere secretariate local government,

at shitta then i said i was also heading to adniran ogusanya then she hopped in but still had that pride but she just has to swallow it abit, then we started this long discussion of ours she said her name was jessy, then i said was that a name or nickname she said jessica i said alright sha then she said what school was i smiled i said she shouldnt worry, about i just drove my way i was charging my phone my phone when she called then she saw the caller was coming from air vice marshall adegbenro, i picked it up and did the normal military greetings she was like aww but it was too late to ask cus she has reached her destinations, i entered the mall did the shopping as pershap boy i still got another chick again named busola she was abit tall like my esther a bit light but no matter how you look you can never be like my esther then she promised to pay a visit nest weekend lucky enough my parents will be traveling the following week for a wedding at ilesha, so i guess i hitted the sack,

i went home i did call rhemmy number again still the same i was like omo wetin dey sup, then my guy called me that night we should go to club royale in ikeja na so we go as we went i saw the shocker of my life i met jessy there she was also nshocked then she came to my table saw the guys with me are correct well endowed guys rich men children soem yahoo boys then we sat she introduced me to her friend then when it was around 1 am i decided to go home then she said in should drop her off that she would be going to office then i said i wont be getting home cus popsy would not entertaining me entering tht house by that time that i am going to my friends place ayuba to pass the night then she begged then i said ok i would drop her off then tured backed, as soon as i got home to the gate i dropped her then she said why cant i spend the night at her place and in the morning i just go up stairs as soon as i heared i tot it was just an imagination but no its real i accepted then i entered it was a nice apartment then i asked her why and what she was doind at a club then she said just went to chill with her friends i was like ehn ehn???

then she asked what i do for a living that she knows am not a student and i told what she saw on my phone what do she thi ks am doing then she said so am a military personnel i was like the way you take it………………………then i layed in the palour she came sat by my side and we started having normal talks before i knew it she said she is begining to like me i was like you dey learn work where my esther dey but my mind was like its gone cus my head no dey house again,then she said did i like her??? cus she always notice me staring at her, trust me i was like she was a damsel then she look straight into my eyes and lips were closer before i knew it i just heared ko! ko

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