-The Journey (18+)

Read Story: The Journey (18+)… Part 3

A story written by lord Zeus, (569B543C)…

Then she was like her bladder was full i was like she needed to endure that when ever we get to lokoja the bus driver would stop she just tried and endureed but she was just grumbling to myhearings and me send the she slept on my laps as usual but i noticed soemthing i was carresing her hair but she wasnt complaining for my mind i come dey contemplate how i won go with the babe my head was just calculating at speed rate,

how to run about it but sha am a good bad guy, i belive e go show, if it would then after an hour she said she cant take it any more we look around every body was asleep even those lovers were all asleep, then i said will she use ragolis then we tried the turn up point was when she drew down her trouser to reveal her [email protected] om my morale high like person wey drink mcdowells,

while i was enjoying the view infront of me the next thing i heard was i am not comfortable then she wore it back and sat down i was like “what the hell” th en she waited we battled this whole hing for good 4 hours till the bus came to a hault after lokoja then she ran down came back and told me see her off and she ran to a sharp corner at the back of a fuel station then she said i should follow her that she was afraid then i was with her she said is hould turn around then i turned against her when she was through she said thank you adn patted my back then she said she knew what wanted but its just that she cant risk it we just met in abus and i expect that no that she is afraid let it not be she bleeped a ghost i just laff then i urinated and went straight into bus,

and continued the journey, she slept on laps till we got to ondo then she stood up i also slept on her laps we did all this all through the night we were at ibadan as at 9 then another drama set up many with arguement at the back about the latest development in ibadan trust guy atlast we were heading towards redeem then rhemmy bf called and hey were just gisting i just bone we got to begger ojodu around 12 hold was on our way,

we got down i helped carry her load to where we enetered ojota bus we boarded the same bus exchanged number then she said we would finish up someother time na so i just free her but she was happy i paid her tfare, then as soon as i got home i charged my phone then i ate my family accepted me i slept off in the night i decided to call her to let her know how far omo na him nmber no goo ooo na so i confuse ooooooooooooooooo.

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