-The Journey (18+)

Read Story: The Journey (18+)… Part 2

A story written by lord Zeus, (569B543C)…

by 1700hrs i have to rush to park to get abuja bus, i got to abuja by 8 then i saw a marcopolo bus trust ibo boys they wont change at all they were just bugling me like oga abeg enter here, no come collect ticket i was like how much then he said 3500, i was like ehn ehn he was like ya, ok i accepted i was at seat 27 i never bothered going to check my seat, i just went straight entered a bar bought pepper soup and two bottles of origin since its a night journey atleast to help me relaxed during the journey,

when it was around 11 i went checking my seat then they searched our load did some passengers confirmation just to know those who did not pay but boarded the bus, after then we were arrange to our seat all seated, we were set to go at about 12 beside me at seat 28 was a little damsel called rhemmy, rhemmy was short not too endowed less front but much back but my esther was most unique have never met any girl like her, though i and esther met in a miraculous way i never for once belive i can hers but the wish of god surpasses all mankind, but nthe funniest thing about rhemmy was we were heading to exact place in lagos, she was going to ikorodu am also going to ikorodu but she was going down to ijede while am going down to agric,

but the coolest thing about all this is that ijede is my home town so i think its still home, i asked her what she does for a living she was a fashion designer, then i told her my occupation, then we had series of talk then the bus light was switch off “the journey started” rhemmy started feel uncomfortable the she rested her head on my laps i bone i no talk for my mind was whats this chick up to, but i still bone then i was feel a bit comfortable i had to put my hands in her back the she shaked her body that signifies she never wanted any wantess if you know what i meant i no talk then i slept off but with one eye cus my beat don dey run, faster than its shadow,

there was a time we both were now sleepless then we engage in talks that does not really make meaning not our fault though, my J0yst!ck was damn hard but we were in the bus there is ntn i can do i just palm form my side, then i was just running bath though then i looked my left i saw two couples or lovers making out it was dark so i couldnt see them real well i noticed the girl was giving the guy a mouth gig, while i was watching i never knew rhemmy was watching then she just laff and said zeus look at your neighbours i was like its heir luck, then she said what did i meant by luck then i said it happens now, for my mind i was like why we no fit copy them no dey ask me silly question jare, i comot face before i said lemme take a little nap when she taped me at then back and said look!!!!!!

and i was like look where and she riddled and said “ look unto god the author and finisher of your faith” she said look at those guys and lo and behold i saw the girl skirt was up and was on the guys laps my J0yst!ck responded like the customer care on 911 instantly, then rhemmy was carried away with what she saw the girls was stylishly giving it to the guy omo my boxer short was wet with pre Pour but i noticed the way rhemmy was and noticed she was in her right body system, next i heard was i wanna pee…

.then i was shocked and said in this moving vehicle who will stop for you?????????

To Be Continued….

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