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Read Story: The Journey (18+)… Part 11

waking up the next morning after all that i went through the previous day then i checked the calendar and realised i would be leaving soon for work, thought of how i will miss jessy and busola, rhemmy on the other hand was no where to be found, i walked down to jessy place rubbing my eyes from sleep jessy was not around she went for her pop, then i went back in sat in my room i started arranging all my load and arranging what to buy along with me, within few minutes i heard talks and greeting of congratulation in the palour then i peepd and saw jessy in our palour with daddy telling him she would be going back the weekend since she has passed out that day thked of me dad says i was in the room then she came into the nroom hugged me from behind and deeped kissed me in my inner mind i waasnt happy i just faked a smile but i was sincerely not happy then she said she would really miss me but she promised to come and be seeing me in minna then she helped me arrange the load after wards she said she has prepard a good meal for me so by night i should come over, that the night will be a special one and the remaining two days she will make it up to me, then she went after everything. By 4pm i went to pick up my mum and after returning the car keys to the car shelf i went to her place but i told my parent am down stairs then they said i should just try nd lock our door if i wanna go and sleep

On getting to her place i sat and ate then we gisted and she sat on the couch next to me still on several discussion on how her pop went, then before we knew it we started kissing from there her hands wear already tearing my back with throbs and we were lost in emotions then she quickly unbuttoned my trouses and unzipped it then it fell on the floor in search of my J0yst!ck she started rubbing it to the extent she couldn’t take it any more she had to add a mouthaction which made me ran crazy missed jessy, oh my preety jessy she licked the tip i was just m0an!ng then i carried her straight to her room then la!d her on the bed and pulled off the gown she was putting on, then started working on her body but because i was in a haste i had to search for her kitty she was a bit wet then i finger F***ed her till she was full of fluid then i inserted my J0yst!ck and she opened her mouth wanted to say something but nothing was coming out i bleeped her for almost 15 min then i cummed i slept on the bed then i realised i had to go home and locked the doors then i looked at her she was a bit somehow i knew she wanted more but i am sorry it would have to wait i left for my house, went straight nto my room and slept off the next day i went to her place then we had aserious marathon s*x though i just drank my alomo after we were done i received a call from esther informing me she is on her way to minna that where did i drop my keeys i told her then i helped jessy to pack her things since she would be leaving the next morning

Sunday morning was here dad drove me to park then i boarded a bus going back to minna was inside the bus mostly with old women and men, the bus started as soon we started moving a call came in i was shocked to see the caller it was rhemmy that witch girl since all this while i picked it we talked and everything then i asked what was wrong with her line she said it was network i really wanted to see her but it was late, as soon as we stated then i remembered how my journey was, though started roughly but was fun, i called jessy who was already ion her village then i called busola too just to inform them am on my way home.
I got to minna at night on getting home i saw esther i missed her so much then she had prepared my favourite food i ate and we both sat and watch t.v then she kissed me telling me how much she has missed me and all of that we had s*x that night and all of that, then i still never forgotten jessy and most especially busola still pray we meet one day with a sigh of satisfaction i smiled and slept off…..

That was how i started and ended the journey to lagos but not only to lagos but to wonder land


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the one is wonderful, I like this story

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good one… only U one

The story na blue story…
Jst dey make man dey wish… my thing don stand tire… Abeg, where doz gals dey, I want do too

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