-The Journey (18+)

Read Story: The Journey (18+)… Part 10

A story written by lord Zeus, (569B543C)…

When i got into jessy room we sat then we started talking and she said she was sorry for her act, that it wasn’t her fault she just couldn’t with hold seeing me with another girl that was why, but i should have told her and she would understand,

then i said ok that i really missed her then she laffed and said she knew i would have been s*x starved that why shouldn’t i spend the night here then i said no oooo because mum would be here the next day and she shouldn’t forget my aunt was still up that very soon i would be going upstairs before she starts suspecting something then she said we should go for a quickie and i said not now that have been so busy working since morning that she shouldn’t worry i will make it up to her then she kissed m and i went up stairs,

i just shaked my head while i was on my way up stairs thought of spending the night with her but then i remembered i have someone up stairs i got up busola wasn’t in the palour neither was she in the room then i checked the kitchen i met her making some nice stuff, you can bet me she was really good at cooking very very good, infact na witch sef, for cooking, after we ate we drank amarula together la!d on the couch, watching a soap opera though i don’t really like soap operas but i just watched it because of her then i was feeling sleepy i just left and went to sleep, it was in the middle of the night i noticed something, i noticed someone trying to draw down my shorts but i didn’t stand up before i opened my eyes i felt the person caressing my rod which was half strong, then i opened and saw busola giving me a stroke then i savoured the s£nsat!on (most times mid night s*x are always cool) then i quickly responded by squeezing her b0s0m this time she was unclad,

then i continued squeezing both tits hard then i graduated with sU-Cking the tips biting it a little then kept on squeezing it she was enjoying it and she couldn’t leave my J0yst!ck then she went don’t and started with the mouth gig men this was the best mouth gig i ever received from her she was too good with it licking the tips the balls it was as if i was in cloud 9 that was how it feels when you having something for the last time in a grand style then we had this style called the shades of grey then i started banging her because i couldn’t wait continued banging we went for like 3 rounds then being tired i feel and slept unclad same as her before we knew it, it was morning i was awaking by my mums call that they are on their way back,

then busola helped me arranged the house we did little house chores she prepared break fast we ate and she was set to go, i saw her off to the bustop then she gave me a peck smiled and left that was how i and busola saw but she still call me till now and still told me how much she missed me though she is now married sha but she still said she still wish she could feel me. On my way back from the bus stop i saw jessy with her usual smile greeted and she said “zeus guess what i would be passing out this Thursday so i am inviting you over for my pop” oboy i felt a bit sad then i remembered i also will be leaving soon which is the next Saturday , then i felt as if i shouldn’t go back but its normal then i told jessy that we would still be talking now as per joking way, then i went upstairs thought about all my escapades both with jessy and busola then rhemmy snapped on my mind i just laffed and said that yeye girl, i sat opened a pack of holandia and i drank just then esther call came in telling me how much she missed i too told her how much i missed her as well .

mom returned around 12 then we gisted about the party they went for and everything then i la!d in my room very tired due to the weekend stress trust me it wasn’t an easy task, i just went to the park took dads car and drove it down to play with my friends ayuba and others we chiled that day the i returned at night said my hi to jessy and went up stairs and slept off thought once again about going back but never wished to then i slept off.

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