-The Heat Of Virginity

Read Story: The Heat Of Virginity… Part 7

I loved her and I became so fond of her. We became more
carnal and grew in
Everyday we engaged in lascivious delight and Tope began
to enjoy the pleasurable ecstasy each time we entangled in
the salacious act.
After my service year had ended, I decided to stay
back for a week so as to bid farewell to Tope. I knew
everything we had was going to end as soon as I departed
from Kogi state, and she knew that too. She couldn’t help but
cry all through the last few days I spent with her. I felt for
her, I was moved but I couldn’t change what fate had put
before us.
The day I was leaving, she saw me off to the garage. As I
waited for the vehicle to be filled, she was sobbing
inordinately, her face covered in tears and her nose
licking…. It was a sorry sight, I hugged her close and she
cried out loud.
“Noo… My life! My life! Oh God why?” I said to her. “Tope it’s
okay baby, I will miss you dearly.” She then said. “What will I
do now? Where will I start from? I cannot love anybody
again. oh God please…” I was able to calm her down and she
stopped sobbing. We had already created a scene and
people were beginning to say things. I then said to her.
“Tope, please I need you to have this money, it is N12,000
get a good phone so we can
keep in touch.” She said. “Of what good will it be adeoluwa?
When I know I cannot have you forever.”

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