-The Heat Of Virginity

Read Story: The Heat Of Virginity… Part 2

I then hid behind the canteen and after about 15 minutes
she left the place. Tope then came to meet me and said.
“Sorry about it.”
I then said. “Its’s okay, no sweat. Your mom is strict right?”
She said. “No she’s not. I am preparing for JAMB exams and
seeing me with a guy would upset her”.
I then said to her. “Then why are you here working in the
canteen? You should be attending lessons now”. She said.
“My elder sister is not feeling too fine and she’s the one in
charge of the canteen. Yesterday was my first day here” I
asked her. “What course do you intend to study?” She said.
I said to her. “I finished with a first class in Chemical
Engineering. if you need any assistance I will be glad to help
She said. “Wow, that will be nice. I have a problem with
chemistry and physics. You must be a genius! ” I laughed
and said. “No I am not, I just love to read my books a lot. It
takes hard work and persistence to be successful.
My dad is a Professor and my mom is a Judge, they really
encouraged me”.
We finished cleaning up and I decided to walk her home
which she agreed. As we walked, we talked about our
families and she opened up about the challenges she faced
gaining admission, being the only child amongst her siblings
privileged to attend higher institution. I was so bent in
making her pass her JAMB and I promised her I would teach
her through.
I convinced her to tell her mom she needed to prepare for
her exams and that she won’t be able to continue with the
running of the canteen.
The mom eventually succumbed and she got a replacement.
I made an arrangement with Tope, for her to be coming to
my place 4:00pm Mondays to Fridays and 1:00pm on
Saturdays, which she agreed.
My intentions were sincere, but with a little thoughts of side
attractions. In spite of being attracted to her, I wanted her
more than anything to pass her JAMB exams this time


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