-The Heat Of Virginity

Read Story: The Heat Of Virginity… Part 14

She took a deep breath in and was downcast. I then said. “I
know you have suffered because of the decisions we made
in the past. I cannot erase the past but by God’s grace, I can
make your future and Junior’s better. You will write JAMB
again, you will pa*s and you will gain admission, junior will
go to the best schools and he will make us proud. But you
need to keep to your word. And I will keep to mine.” I then
hugged her then I left.
At home in my room, I was deep in thoughts. I was
wondering if this my plight will remain secret. Ella and I had
our wedding penned in a few months, our families are
involved and the planning had begun. Days later, I was in
Port Harcourt and I was kept abreast about the progress
being made regarding Tope’s accommodation. I was very
impressed at the development. I just wanted her to have a
place she could call home and raise our child.
Ella noticed something different about me and I was tired of
giving her the excuse that I was ill. I later told her I
developed cold feet regarding our planned wedding. That I
will be fine. I returned to Lagos after my official a*signment
and the first place I went to was Tope’s new apartment.
I made sure it was a far from my place to avoid any trouble.
I got to her door and I rang the bell. She then opened the
She was looking more gorgeous than ever. She had her hair
done, her nails, she even added little weight. She had a
smile on and I just stood there looking at Tope…. She had a
bum shorts on, with a half top. She was amazingly s*xy, I
just couldn’t help but stand there and look or should I say
lust on her.
She said. “Are you going to stand there?” I said. “Oh sorry.”
As I entered the apartment. The sitting room was beautiful
with a touch of different shades of purple. I was very
impressed by her choice of taste and luxury. I knew she had
it in her… She then said. “I know you must be hungry.” I said.
“Yes, I am starving but where is Junior?” She said. “He’s
asleep, come let me serve you dinner.” She sat me down on
the dining section and she served me a dish.
I opened it and what I saw took me through memory lane. It
was rice, dodo and 3 pieces of meat. Just like the old days. I
looked at her and she was all smiling. Flash backs began to
usher in my thoughts, visualizing faded images in my
memory that was once clouded. I began to fill a little spark.
After the lovely meal, she started taking me round her
beautiful apartment, and the last place we stopped was her
room. It looked cozy and very calm. She then stood before
me and said. “Remember the first night we spent together?” I
said. “Yes I remember. How can I forget?” We both stood
there looking at each other.
All I could see was a lady I once loved with all my heart and
she buttressed my thoughts with a touch on my face. Her
hand on my face felt like those times. I heard voices in my
head. “Kiss her!!.” repeatedly.
Then I kissed her, she kissed me back and we started kissing
aggressively. I pulled off her shirt and her Tips… Oh my God!
… I had missed them. I haven’t been intimate with anybody
else and my cup was more than full.
To Be Continued…

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