-The Heat Of Virginity

Read Story: The Heat Of Virginity… Part 11

My mom said. “Good make sure you do your thing.” Ella and
I became so close, I went to see her family and they gave me
a warm welcome, her siblings were so friendly… Things were
getting more and more interesting.
We travelled to Calabar for the wedding. I had with me the
engagement ring and I was praying she would say yes, a part
of me was sure…
She decided we stay in different hotel rooms because she
told me she was still a Virgin that she needed to keep till that
special night, I felt so lucky…
After the church ceremony at the reception, I gave someone
my phone to make sure he captured the moment. I then
called Ella’s attention.
As I knelt down with the ring. She said. “Oh my God…” I then
asked. “Will you marry me?” She covered her eyes and
screamed. “Yes!! I will.” To my surprise, people around were
clapping and that made me very uncomfortable. After the
event we headed back to our hotel rooms and I called my
mom telling her the good news.
My mom was really glad. That night, I went on Facebook to
post the proposal picture. I noticed I had several unread
mails so I took my time to read them. There was one mail
that took my attention the most.
The sender didn’t have a profile picture so I went ahead to
read the mail.
It said. “Please are you the Adeoluwa that served in Kogi
over a year ago? please call this number ********** Tope.”
I felt very disturbed and I called the number immediately.
Unfortunately the phone was switched off. I checked when
the message was sent and it was about 4 months ago.
I got back to Lagos and kept on trying the number with no
success. On Wednesday morning it rang. I waited to hear the
voice and it was Tope’s. I then said. “Oh Jesus,
Tope I just saw your mail are you okay?”
She began to sob. “adeoluwa please come and help me. I
need your help now more than ever….”
I then said. “I don’t get you Tope is everything alright?”
She said. “Nothing is alright, please come I need your help.”
I then said to her. “I am at work now,
I won’t be chanced to travel.” She then said. “How about
Saturday it’s very important .” The line then went off.
Memories of Tope came back, I was confused and very
bothered about her situation. I kept on calling but the phone
was switched off. I then sent a text message to her. telling
her I would be coming on Saturday, but will leave on Sunday
morning because I had to prepare to travel to Port Harcourt
on Wednesday on an official assignment.
She responded the following day with the address and her
location. I had made arrangements with a driver to take me
there with my car and I told Ella I was going on a business
meeting at Abuja. I left very early in the morning and I got
there around 11:30am.
The location was a church far inside the town, it wasn’t easy
locating it. I saw Tope by the gate of the church, standing.
She looked pale and mucky, she had lost weight and she
looked very unpleasant and troubled. I came down from the
car and she ran towards me. She embraced me and said.
“Oh adeoluwa ….” As she wept deeply.
I held her back by her shoulders and said. “Tope… Please
talk to me what is wrong?” She then said. “Come to the
church with me and you will know everything.”…

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