-The Heat Of Virginity

Read Story: The Heat Of Virginity… Part 10

She then said. “Aww… How sweet. you know what? Let me
have your number. Meanwhile, let’s go meet up with our
friends over there.”
I then gave her my business card and she was like “Wow!!
Adeoluwa , you here. I have always known you were special”
After the reception, I dropped her home and when I got
home I called her and we spent over an hour talking on the
phone. We kept on talking for long over the week and the
prospect of Ella and I starting a relationship grew by the day.
We decided to fix a date the following weekend and we
chose Saturday. So on that day we went to a nice restaurant
to have lunch. We cracked school jokes and talked about old
times… It was a wonderful moment. I then asked her. “Ella
about your business. How much will it cost you to relocate
and restructure your business?” She said. “Well, it will cost
me N350,000.” I then reached out to my small bag and
brought out my cheque book.
Then she said Adeoluwa. What do you think yo are doing?” I
told her. “I am writing you a cheque of N350,000? She then
said. “I can’t take it, I am sorry, I just can’t take it.” I said. “Its
a loan, you can pay me when you ready to.” She said. “How
much interest?” I then said. “N1 ” she laughed, hugged me
and that was it. I really wanted to do something very
important in her life, so she would know that I was very
concerned about her future. When I got home my mom
called. She wanted to know my next move.
Obviously marriage, I told her about Ella and she wanted to
see her the following weekend. I then told Ella if she would
like to pay my home a visit and meet my family. She
delightfully welcomed it.
She came over and my mom really liked her. They talked for
over an hour and I even felt left out. It was a good thing. She
had lunch with us and she also helped in washing the
dishes, my mom was so proud of her, even though it was
their first meeting.
After I had dropped Ella off at her place I got back home and
my mom called me. She said.
“Ella is a good lady, she will make an awesome wife. She’s
creative, she’s got her own business, she’s going to have
time to run and maintain her home, have time for the kids. I
mean what else do you need?” I said. “I know Ella is
wonderful.” She then said. “When are you proposing to her?
you better do it soon. before someone else does.” I then
said. “Well, we will be traveling to Calabar in 3 weeks, for her
friends wedding. I think that when I will do it.”

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