-The Heat Of Virginity

Read Story: The Heat Of Virginity… Part 1

My name is adeolu.
There’s a saying. “What can’t kill you can make you stronger.”
But the truth is action speaks louder than mere words.
I don’t know how strong I will be coming out from this
predicament that I have found myself.
This all started about 2 years ago in my youth service year in
Kogi state. There was this very good canteen not too far
from Yagba East local government council, where I frequent
often for my CDS. It was the aroma that lured me to the
place, the savory of scented stew and fried meat, it was
irresistible, I couldn’t just evade myself from the luscious
captivity that overwhelmed me Perhaps, a simple restrain
would have changed history, would have saved me from all
these. As I entered the canteen, I grabbed a plate and stood
on the queue salivating and waiting for my turn. When it got
to my turn, before me was something more compelling than
the meal that I expected. My eyes got locked in contact with
the young lady who was serving the meal.
She was beautiful beyond expression, I could hardly
compose myself and it took me some few seconds to reboot.
She then asked.
“What food do you want sir?” In fluent English. I stuttered.
“Give me….. rice N50, dodo N50 and 3 pieces of meat.”
I was going to pay and she refused to collect the money. I
didn’t understand the kind gesture, I then insisted and she
smiled at me and said.
“It’s okay, it’s on me.” I then took a seat and started eating.
While I was eating, I noticed her looking at me at some
instance. It drove my curiosity wild and I was eager to know
her. She sounded quite polished and she looked more
dignified than running a local canteen, I knew there was
more to it. As I was done, I went to meet her and said to her.
“Thank you very much. My name is Adeolu can I know your
name?” She giggled and said. “My name is Tope.”
As we both smiled at each other like teens gripped in some
high school crush. So I left the place hoping to return the
following day. I got to my rented room and I was still
thinking of Tope.
She was average height, dark skinned and very attractive.
Her curves were at the right angle and her bursts were an
eye candy.
I knew I needed companion to quench my lust while I served
my country in the beautiful state of Kogi and Tope just
happened to fit into the picture. Being a nerd and a slacker
isn’t a thing to be proud of. I had only had s*x once, thanks
to Seun who took me clubbing then some chic agreed to get
down with me and at the end made me pay N4,000…That
wasn’t funny. I felt I needed to lay claim of my very own pet,
a decision I soon regret.
The following day I went to the canteen, but this time around
I went there late.
Unfortunately food had finished, but the good thing was that
Tope had time to spare. She was busy preparing to wash the
dishes and I didn’t hesitate to assist her.
She didn’t want me to get my hands dirty but I insisted. I
helped her in getting water and she was
thrilled that a corper would stoop so low helping
her with the dishes. Well, why wouldn’t I, itgranted me the
avenue to view her heavy kegs that
jiggled as she was washing the dishes. Suddenly her mother
appeared from a distance, Tope sighted her and she said to
“Please hide, don’t let her see you.”
Please Hold on, Episode 2 would soon be here.

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the story is just amazing but i would have wanted tope to end up with

the story is just amazing but i would have wanted tope to end up with Adeolu she is just amazing and I dnt what they shared was later to be lust that was love
cause for sure as long as they communicate they wunt get over each other

love the story is there a movie of the same??

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