-Finding Love

Read Story: Finding Love… Part 9

Written By Lola hikmat…

The next day she went to Lola’s house, she wanted to see Dare.
“Good morning Dare”
“Good morning”
“Lola is not in”
“I actually came to see you”
“I have a proposition ”
“Go ahead”
“Marry me for 6 months”
“Have you lost it”
“No, you are the only person I can ask for this s favour please”
“Why me?”
“I don’t know I just felt you can help me”
He kept watching her for a while before replying “okay”
“Are you serious”

She couldn’t belief her luck when he agreed she felt elated she did this because of one thing. The most important possession of her mother. The heirloom. She did not care about the money but want the heirloom to be with her.
When got to the shop, it became an hectic day for her, orders keep coming in at around evening her phone rang.
she immediately recognised the voice
“Hello, I want to take you out now. If we are going to get married we should act it.”
“I will there in an hour’s time”
Dare arrived an hour later, he met Lola outside.
“Hello big bro”
“What brought you here?”
“Came to pick Stella up”
“Is there something between you guys?”
“Hmmm, you should ask Stella that”.
” You guys have been acting funny and suspicious for some time now”
“God bless the day you stop been Nosy”
Stella arrived at the door looking radiant.
“I knew it, you guys are hiding something” Lola exclaimed.”
“Why did you say that?” Stella asked.
“When was the last time you left the shop looking this gorgeous, and moreover that wasn’t the dress on you this morning”
“Lola stop embarrassing me”
“Oh sorry my mouth”
Dare couldn’t help but chuckle doing the exchange between the ladies and he also loved the fact that she dressed up for him.
“Lola we have to get going I will see you at home”
“Okay guys be good”
When they got settled in the car, Dare apologized for his sisters behaviour
“It is nothing I understand her perfectly well, she is my best friend remember”
“How do you cope with her”
“She is a very good listener and proofers solutions to most of my problems, she always look out for me too”
“So I love her to a fault”
“Good for you ladies, you act more like sisters”
They got to the restaurant and they placed their orders.
“So why do you suddenly want to get married”Dare questioned
“For my trust fund”
“I don’t get”
“There is this heirloom that belong to my mother I need to get it back and it is part of the trust fund”
“Let me give you the full gist, my father told me last night about the trust fund, he said my mother instructed him to give it to me when I am 24 and I should be married by then . It is 3months to my birthday and I don’t even have a serious relationship.
“Oh, so is the money also important?”
” A little”
“What is my gain”
“You are under no obligation whatsoever, you can continue your relationship, I won’t be in the way.”
“So do you want to change your mind”
“No just want to know what I am entering”
“So, why do you want to help me”
He shrugged and asked them to leave stylishly dodging the question.
So how do we go about announcing it.
“We will tell them we met in Paris and liked each other but due to circumstances was not able to pursue, but cane back and we met again”.
” Wow” Dare said.
They continue to plan what to do and how to go about it for long then they called it a night. Dare dropped her home before going home.

To Be Continued…

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