-Finding Love

Read Story: Finding Love… Part 7

Written By Lola hikmat…

After her father was discharged, she was warned to make sure he is not stressed or disturbed and everything he wants to be given to him and he needs maximum rest. She happily obeyed the doctors orders anything to bring her father to his feet. The Adams were really supporting throughout that period, they were the only one who stood by her. She will be forever grateful to them for the support given to her. She was happy she didn’t have to face Dare at all for the past three weeks and at the same time it made her heart empty.
“You have a visitor ” one of the maid told her .
“A Young man, ma”
“Okay I will be downstairs shortly”
She wondered who it was, she made her way downstairs and froze at the presence before her.
“Hi” Dare greeted.
“Hi, yourself”
“I wanted to check on, I had what happened to your father”
“Lola who is there” Her father asked from the stairs
“Father you should be in resting”
“Stop treating me like a minor”
“I am not”
“Introduce me to your friend”
“He is not my friend he is Lola’s brother”
” Malomo’s son”
“Yes sir, I have heard a lot about you” Dare answered
“Welcome to my house, son. Your father told me you would arrive but due to my ailment I couldn’t make it to the welcome party”
“It is Okay sir”
” How about, I host you and your family for dinner tomorrow ”
” I would deliver the message ”
“okay son, looking forward to meeting you very well”
Stella watched the exchange between her father and Dare and nearly lost it when her father invited dare to dinner the next day.Dare announced that he wants to be on his way and her father bade him goodbye and returned to his room.
“I will see you tomorrow” Dare told her, she saw him to his car and returned inside.

The next came, Stella was busy preparing for the Adams visit. She made sure the food was well cooked and had the maids arranged the dinning well. She bought different fruits. At around 6:30 she changed and made sure she was as simple in look as possible. The Adams arrived 30 minutes later and was welcomed. The men immediately took to discussing business and politics while Lola helped her in preparing the table. Dinner was delicious and Mrs Adams complimented her well. Her father took special liking to Dare to her dismay.
“So when do you plan to return” her father asked Dare
“Sir, I am actually back in Nigeria for good”
“Wow, that is good, so any plan on ground”
“I actually want to start my construction company here”
“That is good”
“I only need someone to help my feasibility study”
“Stella can do that”
“Dad I think Mr Dare can find another person” she pointed out.
“She would be perfect sir” Dare said eying her
“You will help him pumpkin, won’t you” her father asked.
She felt cornered and didn’t have a choice.
“Yes” she replied.
All through Lola was eying her suspiciously and felt there is something she is not telling her. Dare fixed her meeting with her at her shop and promised to pick her up on Monday.

To Be Continued…

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