-Finding Love

Read Story: Finding Love… Part 5

Written By Lola hikmat…

A year later

It was as busy as always in the Muritala MUhammad airport. clad in complete Armani suit is Dare looking as exquisitely handsome as always. HE kept checking his wrist watch which shows that he is waiting for someone.
‘Stella can you please hurry up’ Lola screamed from the car
“coming” her friend replied entering the vehicle
” you know it has been long since i set my eyes on him and i miss him so much”
“so how come i have never seen him or his picture before, Lola we have been friends for almost ten years now and i don’t know what your brother look like.” she inquired
” I am sorry dear, it is just that i myself saw him last 10 years ago and it seems like he ran away from the world. I only have his childhood picture” she navigated her way into the parking loot.

They got down and headed in the direction of the entrance of the airport. one of their customers called the attention of Stella and she chatted with her for sometimes. Lola proceeded and saw her brother anxiously looking out for her.
“Hey” she called out
Her brother enveloped her in a hug.
“it has been so long i saw you ” he told her
” At least you had my pictures I had nothing of you with me” she replied
” Lets get you home mom and Dad is waiting” she said
Stella arrived and was about to apologize when the word hanged in her mouth. Her whole world stopped and she kept staring at the man she lost her virginity to. she suddenly got her voice back
” Is this your brother” she asked hoarsely
” Yes, have you met before” Lola inquired

To Be Continued…

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