-Finding Love

Read Story: Finding Love… Part 37

Written by Lola Hikmat…

She stared at him for sometime before voicing out
“What were you thinking, taking the bullet”
“I can’t bare losing you baby, I would rather die” he said looking into her eyes
“I can’t bare losing you too, I don’t want to imagine it” She replied teary eyed
Dare moved closer to her holding her hands and staring into her eyes
“The feelings of love that I hold in my heart for you run deeper than any ocean or sea. I just wish you could know how much you mean to me. If only you could hold me, then maybe you would feel my love and how it burns for you. If only you could hear my heart beat, then maybe you would understand the language of love it speaks to you. If only you could kiss me, then maybe you would taste my love for you. If only you could look into my eyes, the window to my soul, then you would know how true and honest my words are to you now!
If you want me as your true love as much as I want you as mine, then let it be. I give you my heart and ask nothing more and nothing less than that, you don’t break it. My love and trust are all I have to give to you, sealed with honesty. As time goes by, may they grow stronger and fulfill whatever your heart may desire.
If it pleases you, call me your love from this day hence, as I will call you mine forever. I will be your love and your best friend, too. As our bodies, minds, and souls combine, so do our hearts become one. I love you, my angel, with all my heart, and I will never stop loving you. You are my life; you are everything to me” He said into her eyes.
Stella watched him through out his declaration. When he was through she smiled through her tears and pronounced
“I LOVE YOU TOO NOW AND FOREVER” they sealed it with a kiss
After they were discharged. Dare sat with Stella in his arms, they were both contented with the way they were
“You remember tomorrow is the court case right?” Dare broke the silence
“I can never forget such, I just pity her you know”
“She lost you and might spend the rest of her life in jail”
“Serves her right”
“Dare, you need to forgive her. We survived it and found true love again”
“She almost killed you and the baby” dare said clinching his fist
“But we are not dead, please let it go, just let the court decide her fate”
“All right dear, she just can’t escape it you know”
” I do ”
He just took her lips in it
“I love you”
“I love you too, I am happy you found me” she said smiling

Tiara and Femi were sentenced to life imprisonment for kidnapping and attempted murder. While the other two guys was Sentenced to 10 years each for been an accomplice.
Dare felt the sentence was fair but Stella felt it was a bit harsh.
“You heart is too soft you know” dare teased her
” I just think everyone deserve a second chance”
“Like you gave me, don’t you ever change”
“I can’t live without you, you are my happiness. Thank you for giving me love again” Stella said
“You are my life too. I love you so much” dare replied



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Owolabi Ibrahimsays:

I love this deeply keep on doing it may almighty god (ALLAH) increase your knowledge ‘nd take you to higher post.

Ikechukwu Ogechisays:

Wow!! Dis story is so interesting

So touchy and made mi realise wah I meant to love and loved back in return

So touchy and made mi realise wah it takes to love and loved back in return.. true love never dies

Almost in tears,,am rili pryin 4 such luv…

i realy luv nd enjoy d story

ooooh myyy GOD i love this story

Nice sweet story… kudoz to u, in fact I really fall for d story lyk seriously….

De story is very good , I love ❤ it

wow i admired dis story bt u nearly make so beawilder but nevadless i use my numba 32 to realize dat dis tale is vry vry ethusiasm so much, i dey tuale to u hahaha may amadi ohar kip u wel amenn.

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