-Finding Love

Read Story: Finding Love… Part 36

Written by Lola Hikmat…

She is 2 weeks pregnant” the doctor told Lola and Subomi.
“That’s good news” Lola exclaimed
“But due to the stress she underwent we have to keep her under close watch, she needs to be place on bed rest for sometime”
“Are you sure nothing is going to happen to her”
“She will be fine” the doctor assured Lola
The doctor instructed that Stella be sedated because it was obvious she lacked sleep for a while now. After Stella was well attended to, the doctor left.

Everyone’s greatest thought was Dare, they prayed he survive it. Nobody was ready to spare Tiara.
Stella opened her eyes to a strange environment, she was still wondering where she was when a voice spoke up
“Thank God you are awake”
She immediately registered the voice, that was the voice of her beloved.
She stared at him in shock and wonder ” You are alive”
“Yes baby I am alive” Dare Said Smiling.
She just kept staring at him on the wheel chair
“What happened? ”
“I woke up six hours ago”
“For how long have I been asleep” she inquired
“The doctor said for 3days”
She stared wide eyed “was I in a state of coma”
“No, he said you kept waking up , asking of me and sleeping”
“He said it is purely normal”

To Be Continued….

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