-Finding Love

Read Story: Finding Love… Part 35

Written by Lola Hikmat…

Dare waited for some time before moving closer to the building, he was still contemplating on which approach to take when he heard Strange Noise Coming from one of the rooms. He decided to have a clearer view without been noticed.
In the room, he saw Stella at a corner, her feet and hands were tied. She was in tears and it was obvious she didn’t sleep all through the night. Dare felt pained to the heart, he was bittered seeing her in such condition. He vowed to kill both Femi and Tiara with his bare hands.
He found the back door opened and quietly sneaked in. He was about to make a turn to the room when he felt something cold touch his head.
“If you try anything stupid I would blow your head off” He heard a voice behind him say
“Mama na true o, he follow you come ni sha” Another voice said.
“Bring him here” Tiara commanded
He was led into the same room Stella was. The moment Stella saw him. She was shocked.
“Dare what are you doing here, how did you find me? ” She said amidst tears.
He immediately went to her not minding his present situation.
“I promise to keep you safe remember. I would do that even if it is going to cost me the last drop of my blood” he said hugging her
“What a lovely reunion” Tiara interrupted looking sarcastic.
The both turned to her
“Why risk your life for this B***h sweetheart, when I am here” she inquired.
Dare kept holding on to Stella while watching Tiara without saying a word.
Femi emerge from the room holding another gun.
“Now that I have you both here I can do what I intended doing to her. She thinks she can take you away from me right? . It is either you are mine or no one else” She continued
“When she is gone then I can have you all to myself”
“I tried to get rid of her, I faked my pregnancy just to have your love and attention, I sent the pictures but she wouldn’t bug off. But I know once she is dead, you would be mine”
“So you are not pregnant? ” Stella spoke up looking surprised
She felt someone hit her
“You no dey talk when mama dey yarn”
Dare wanted to attack him
“Easy lover boy don’t injure yourself”
Tiara pointed the gun at Stella
Dare started pleading with her
“Tiara don’t shoot her, Please just spare her, I promise to divorce her and marry you. Just don’t shoot”
“No, I need to get her out of the line” she said
One of the men tried to pulled Dare away from Stella as Tiara pulled the trigger but they lost grip on him as he rushed and hug Stella. Stella stared in horror, Dare was hit by the bullet.
They all watched as Dare fell to the floor groaning in pains.
“Everyone drop your weapon! ” a policeman announced as the room was busted.
Tiara and her men was arrested. While Stella rocks Dare’s lifeless body in tears. She kept shaking him. Subomi immediately entered and was shocked to see Dare in a pool of blood. The paramedics immediately took charge, but Stella could bear seeing him leave her sight .
“Dare please stay with me” she kept crying.
When they got to the hospital. He was immediately wheeled into the theater. His Family immediately arrived and they waited impatiently for the outcome of the operation.
Lola kept comforting her. After what seems like ages the doctor came out and requested to see his father and Subomi. They left with the doctor and came back few minutes later looking sad.
Stella immediately turned to he father in law
“What did the doctor say” she asked impatiently
“You have to calm down”
“I am calm, what did he say”
“He said he lost a lot of blood and his chances of surviving is slim.
Stella fainted immediately…

To Be Continued…

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