-Finding Love

Read Story: Finding Love… Part 34

Written by Lola Hikmat…

“How do you intend to find her” Subomi inquired
“Her car has a tracker remember? ”
“Don’t you think you are walking on dangerous lanes? ”
“On a more serious note why don’t you go home and whenever Tiara is going out you trail her, I have a feeling she has something to do with all of this”
“But Stella is somewhere, with some people I don’t know”
“And you need to be alive to save her”

Dare decided to keep cool and follow what Subomi said. On getting home, he pretended like nothing was wrong.
“Hey Dare how was work today?” Tiara Asked
“Thank God” Dare said and went up to his room.
Tiara followed him into the bedroom
“What will you eat? ”
” I am filled already”
“I prepared amala, i prepared it myself”
“I said I am filled” Dare Emphasized

Tiara surrender and left for her room.
“It wouldn’t be funny if Tiara is involved in this issue” Dare Thought
“Could she be that desperate? ”
Different Thoughts ran through his mind…

Dare decided to go downstairs to check on Tiara, he was surprised by her calm countenance.
He kept watching her closely, nobody said anything about Stella’s absence for a while. Dare decided to talk
“Where could Stella be at this hour of the night? ”
Tiara pretended not to have heard him
“Tiara do you know when Stella left the house this morning? ”
“Am I her body guard, is that why you are not eating. Both of us know that girl is nothing but a B***h. Baby forget about her and come to me” She said moving close to him.
He felt like strangling her but he remembered Subomi’s advice and decided to keep cool.
He left her to return upstairs but couldn’t sleep throughout the night. Thoughts of Stella kept bothering his mind and he wondered what condition she could be.
Late in the night he decided to put a track in Tiara’s car for him to easily trail her.
Very early the next morning Tiara woke up and left the house hurriedly. Dare waited for five minutes before trailing her.
When she got to her destination in lekki, he saw a man open the gate to her, he was putting on Singlet and Boxer.

“I Have seen that face before” he said to himself

“Isn’t that the Guy from the Party, the guy that was with Stella all through ”

” Wait a minute that boxer…..”
Dare remember the photographs he got, the man in it was putting on a boxer with the same pattern on it…

“So Femi is the one behind all these.. So Femi and Tiara knew each other all this while” he said
Immediately, he put a call through to Subomi to inform him of his where about before scaling the fence into the compound…

To Be Continued…

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