-Finding Love

Read Story: Finding Love… Part 33

Written by Lola Hikmat…

Stella decided to go to Dare’s office the next morning before going to work. Dare left very early because he had a meeting to attend. Once she was through dressing, she noticed that Tiara was no where to be found, Stella was curious to know where she could have gone that early but she was not bothered after all. She left the house, while she was navigating her way towards her husband’s office, her phone rang,
“Hello Stella ” Femi said
“Please I need your help urgently, can you meet me in my house now please? ”
“What is wrong? ”
“just come now please”
“Okay, I will be on my way”
Stella immediately turned towards Femi’s house, when she got to his house she felt the house was unusually quiet, just then, her phone rang….
“Hello dear, where are you” Dare Spoke from the other end
“I am at a friend’s place, I will come to you as soon as I leave this place”
“Where is that”
“Lekki….. ”
She felt someone hit her and she went unconscious
“Stella! Stella!! Stella!” Dare kept screaming on the phone
He could hear voices in the background
“Pick her up and put her in the guest room”
Dare felt sweat all over his body, his worst fear has come to realty, Stella is now in danger
“Hello Subomi, Stella is in danger”
“Calm down and talk to me, what happened? ”
“She heard our conversation yesterday evening and I had to explain everything to her”
“After my explanation, she demanded to see the pictures and I told her to come over to the office, I called to check on her now and she told me she had to go see a friend urgently somewhere in lekki, I was still speaking with her when I heard a sound like someone hit her”
“Calm down I am almost at your place”
“I can’t calm down”
“You have too, I am here already” Subomi said entering his office..
Subomi told him to let them involve the police but Dare declined….

“I caused all this, i have to fix it my self” Dare Said

Subomi was surprised at the sudden display of courage..
“What do you intend doind now? “he asked Dare.

” I am going to search and safe my Love, even if it is going to cost me my life” Dare Said while he opened his drawer and brought out a short Gun

“Where did you get the gun? ” Subomi Demanded

” Remember i told you i trained and worked with the America Police Force, i got a licensed Gun”

“Wow! ” Subomi Exclaimed

” There is More to Me you really do not know ” Dare Smiles and Hid the Gun at his back.

To Be Continued…

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