-Finding Love

Read Story: Finding Love… Part 32

Written by Lola Hikmat…

Tiara was surprised at the sudden closeness between the couples.
“Did her plans not work out? ”
“What could have happened? ”
“This B***h has manage to wrap him round her fingers”she thought

Stella was having the best time of her marriage, but she couldn’t take Tiara and the pregnancy off her mind. Dare had promised to take care of it but she does know how. She now has no time for Femi anymore and her friendship with Femi was slipping by the day but she wasn’t bothered. All she wanted was to concentrate on building her marriage.
Dare was trying his best to keep his home together, he never acted like he was bothered by parcel…

Tiara was getting more worried and pissed, she couldn’t stand nor bear the cold attitude Dare shows towards her and to crown it all, she was more annoyed at the display of love both the couples that she was forced to confront Dare..

” Dare, Can i Have a word with you please? ”

” What is it this time? ”

” The Doctor says you should be topping it and…. ”

” will you Shut up!!! Top what? You must be crazy… Is it because i have not decided on what to do to you and the bastard inside of you”

“Dare!!!!!! ” She Screamed

” Don’t Dare me woman! ”

” Well, You can Call me Whatever, at least i am better than you Harlot of a wife.. I bet you don’t know she has been going around sleeping with different men… I guess you haven’t seen the photos yet, you so called wife is a B***h!!! ” she uttered angrily

” what photos are you talking about? How did you know there were photos?
Tiara was dumbfounded…
“Did i just say that” she thought…

“Well i just felt there should be photos”she said and hurry off the room.

Dare Stood there surprised…

“So Tiara really is involved in this scandal” he thought…..
“Subomi, I think Tiara has something to do with the pictures”
“Why do you say that?”Subomi said, not feeling too surprise.
“She was furious a while ago and made mention of pictures”
“Did you tell anyone about it?”
“Okay, keep an eye on her will you and keep the pictures away from Stella”
” Sure, Stella isn’t aware of the pictures yet. I will make sure i get to the bottom of this” Dare Said and hung up.

“What pictures are you referring to? ” Stella asked.
Dare was shocked… He never knew Stella was at the door all through his conversation with Subomi.
“How long have you been standing there?” he asked
“well long enough to know you were discussing me! ”

” well baby, it is nothing i can’t handle”
“Dare. Tell me what is going on”
Dare sat her down and reluctantly told her everything
“Can i see the pictures please “she demanded

” They are at the office, maybe you come to the office tomorrow to check them. But baby its nothing really i have it under control ”
” hmmm tomorrow then, thanks for not doubting me. I respect you more”

They hugged and went to bed…

“Since the idiot won’t leave willingly, I guess I have to make her” Tiara muttered
“She needs to leave, I have to make her”
“Dare is mine, Stella has no place”
“i need to see Femi, why has he not sent the pictures to Dare yet”
“is dare pretending not to have seen them or is he for real? ”

Tiara decided to see Femi the following day…

To Be Continued…

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