-Finding Love

Read Story: Finding Love… Part 30

Written by Lola Hikmat…

Tiara was waiting for her when she returned

“You left you matrimonial home to return this late, what sort of a woman are you? “Tiara attacked her

” The sort of woman who would slap if you don’t leave my sight this minute! “She replied angrily.

Tiara was momentarily shocked but Stella continued
“The fact that I let you in to my home doesn’t mean that I am stupid. I was only giving husband the respect he deserved, don’t tempt me, else you would have yourself to blame”
Stella said and walked out on her.

“So she can be this crazy, wait till I am through with you, you would beg for mercy. Dare is mine and would continue to be”

The following day at work, Lola noticed some changes in Stella’s countenance and the fact that she was mostly on phone with someone she can’t place.
“Stella, is anything wrong? ” Lola approached her
“No, nothing is wrong”
“Are you sure, because I have a feeling you are hiding something from me”
“Yes I am sure it is just the stress”
Lola watched her for a while before she said
“If anything is wrong, just know I am here to listen” she squeezed her shoulder before leaving.
Stella felt guilty for lying to her best friend but she couldn’t bring herself to telling her the truth.

Her week was so rough. The only person that has been of comfort to her was Femi. She spent most of her time after work with him. He was such a gentleman she only hope he wouldn’t change.

Home was a different ball game Dare kept pleading while Tiara was hellbent on making the house a living hell for her.
He took his time in listening to her and he promised her all was going to be just fine…
Stella and Femi became so close, he was in her thought always. She just love the chemistry between them.
They hang out together at various places of relaxation and take photographs to save the moments. It was nothing but fun with femi.

To Be Continued…

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