-Finding Love

Read Story: Finding Love… Part 3

Written By Lola hikmat…

“What the hell” She muttered
The sight before her got her rooted to the spot. It was her beloved boyfriend getting dirty with a lady she can place . She kept watching for sometime until she couldn’t take it anymore. She turned silently and was about to walk out she she heard James call her name but she was blinded with tears.
She kept running and bumped into someone.
“Hey be careful” he called out to her but she kept moving.
Her heart was breaking, she was blinded with rage and sorrow. She kept moving with no destination in mind, she just want to leave the vicinity
She stopped walking after what seems like an hour and later gave in to the tears that flooded her eyes. She can’t help but feel pains and sorrow, the man she love with everything she has has decided to betray her love and trust. She kept crying until late in the evening. Her phone started ringing. She kept ignoring it thinking it was him, after a while she decided to check who it was and it turned out to be Lola
“Hello” she greeted “Sorry I am bothering you, it is just that I want to be sure if Mrs. Rose has balanced up so her clothes can be delivered tomorrow” she asked
“Yea, she has it was when you travelled on Tuesday that she paid the balance into the company’s account” she answered trying to conceal her teary voice.
“What is wrong with you” her friend demanded
“Don’t you dare lie to me, what is going on”
“I caught James cheating on me”
“What? her friend screamed over the phone
” yes I caught him”
” That bastard he so going to hear it from me. I will personally deal with him. He thinks he can cheat on you and go scout free, no way. I will make sure I show him that you can’t cheat on my friend”
“Lola calm down okay”
” I won’t that guy is a complete nitwit, how could he” she foamed
“it is okay”
“And I am not there with you how can I be sure you are going to be fyn” she went into her mother hen mode
“I will be”
” Make sure you leave him off your mind and enjoy your stay there, if possible go out and don’t let him affect you okay?”
“That’s my girl but can’t help but say I told you so”
“Sorry, forgot you are hurting”
“Okay, dear got to go”
She dropped the call and made up her mind to return to the hotel, she got up and took a cab back. When she got to the hotel the receptionist told her James has left.
She sighed and entered the room, she decided to enjoy her stay and throw caution to the wind for the period of 2weeks she is to spend.
Dressed to kill she decided to hit the hotel club. Heads turned in her direction but she didn’t seem to mind or be disturbed.

The moment she entered, he saw her the lady that bumped into him in the lobby. She is both beautiful and hot, “How can someone be this lovely” he thought.

To Be Continued…

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