-Finding Love

Read Story: Finding Love… Part 28

Written by Lola Hikmat…

The following week was beautiful as she and Dare were mostly together, Lola kept on keeping a tab on them , Dare advice her to tell Lola so has to hurry things up.
“Lola, I want to tell you something” She approached her.
“What is that? ”
“I am in a relationship with Dare”
“I know”
“I have eyes and I can see”
“I am cool with it as long as he treats you right”
“Thanks dear”
“You are the one in the relationship not me now, but how did it start?”.
She told her the version of the story they came up with.
” Wow, I am happy you are now in a relationship, because since James left, I thought you would close your heart forever”
“I wouldn’t say he did not cause me a trauma.
” I am happy you are happy now”.
She just knew she had one of the most supporting friend in the world. 3weeks later he proposed to her and their parents approved of them getting married, but she was worried because he hasn’t made a move on her since she asked him to marry her. Could it be that he no longer find her attractive, or is he with another woman.
“That shouldn’t bother me” she thought.
Preparation was in top gear for her wedding, she told her father she wanted a low key wedding. She couldn’t believe she is getting married in 3weeks time, everything was fast.
The Adams could not understand why they wanted a low key wedding but Dare was able to convince his parents, he told them he wanted her to be his wife as soon as possible. They were actually happy to finally have Stella as their daughter in-law.
Lola handled most of the marriage preparation and made sure everything was going on smoothly.
Her wedding Day came and she was beautifully dressed, Lola was her best lady, they were adding the final touch to her makeup when her phone rang.
“Hello beautiful” Dare said.
“Are you sure you still want to proceed with this wedding plan” He asked
“Yes never been more sure”
“Okay dear, see you in church and I know you are going to be as beautiful as ever my lovely bride to be” he said
She dropped the call to finish up her make-up. She was one of the most beautiful bride.
Her father was waiting in the car when she came out, he couldn’t help but shade tears when she made her way to the car.
“Dad, what is wrong? ”
“Nothing, I am just happy you are getting married”
“Oh, Dad”
“Yes pumpkin I will miss you, I am just happy you are getting married to Dare. I know he as well as his parents would treat you right”.
It was an emotional moment for father and daughter. Her father walked her to the aisle while Dare watched his Bride in fascination, she couldn’t be more beautiful, he had eyes for only her and gladly said the vows.
“You may now kiss the bride” the officiating minister said
“and take your time” he added.
Dare removed her veil and kissed her from the depth of his heart he had starved himself of her lips for 2months now. He raised his head and smiled looking down into her eyes.
“I hereby pronounce you man and wife” The officiating minister announced.

The wedding reception was beautiful though not too flamboyant, gifts were given to the couples, Stella’s father gave her the ticket to the private island where he spent his honeymoon with her mother then. It is a very old one she guessed.
She only wished what she had was the real thing, not some pretense, but she thinks love is not meant for people like her. They left the reception early to have ample time to pack.
It was late when they got to the island. They settled in the cabin and relaxed. The housekeeper prepared their meal and also made sure the only room there was well taken care of.
After eating they decided to call it a night
“There is only one room ” Stella said
“I think the bed is big enough for us to share” Dare replied.
They took turn to use the bathroom, Stella used the bathroom quickly and came back to sleep, she watched Dare make his way inside. She settled in bed and pretend to be sleeping, she felt the bed dip under his weight.
“How can I spend the night in the same bed with him and nothing will happen? ” she thought. Her mind kept going in wild direction.
She felt his presence close to her and his touch.
“I can’t get my mind off you, I am about to go crazy with wanting you” he whispered into her ears.
“I thought you no longer wanted me”
“Why did you say that?”
“For two months now you didn’t make a move on me”
“God help me, I just couldn’t stand not been able to have you completely, it is killing me”
She made the first lip contact, he sighed into her mouth and took over the kiss. It was gentle, slow and everything you could ever dream of”
“I ached for this for a year” he told her.
The kiss went on for a while.
“I want to make it special” he told her
He laid her down and loved every part of her body. It was a wonderful feeling. She desperately wanted him to feel the same way she felt.
“How can I please you? ” she asked.

To Be Continued…

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