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Read Story: Finding Love… Part 27

Written by Lola Hikmat…

Monday came with Stella been jumpy at work all through, she vowed not to let Dare’s presence affect nor intimidate her. Lola noticed her mood and asked if she wanted anything which she declined. At around 1pm Dare arrived looking all handsome, his sister attended to him immediately and Stella went to her office to round up the day’s work.
Lola asked her brother “What is between you and Stella, she has been jumpy and uncomfortable since you returned. She can barely spend 10mins in your presence”
“Nothing, we just have little unfinished business in Paris”
“Unfinished you say”
“Lola are you always this nosy”
“when it is about my friend, Yes”
“The thing is …..
” I am set” Stella announced cutting Dare’s sentence midway .
Lola replied “okay dear have fun”
Dare guided Stella out by the arm, and help her settle in the car. The journey was quiet until Dare broke it.
“Why did you run that morning”
“I didn’t run”
“What did you do”
“I only prevented the situation from been awkward”,
” You think so”
“That was the best night of my life”
“So this is about s*x”
“No but it is part of it ”
“Let us just concentrate on getting your business settled”
Surprisingly they got along well, discussing various issues ranging from business to hobbies, they found out they like almost same things. They both shy away from going into their personal lives. Dare liked her character and the way she see things.
They continued their hunting until they found a suitable place not too far from her fashion house. Dare thanked her for her help and requested to take her out so that she can show him places of fun in Lagos, but she declined.
“What if Lola is included ”
“No problem then”
Dare vowed to do anything to get her to spend time with him. They decided to fix Thursday night and Dare said he was going to bring a friend along too.
Thursday arrived without much event, her father is now very better. She told him of her outing and he eagerly agreed.
The club was bubbling when they arrived and everyone was having fun, Dare’s friend, Subomi, was equally very handsome but Stella had her eyes on Dare alone. Everyone partied and were enjoying the moment. Subomi asked Lola to dance which left Dare and Stella alone.
“may i dance with you please? ”
They all got on the dance floor and soon Stella and Lola stole the show but the men too proved to be good dancers. It was a fun filled night for her.
She excused herself to go outside. She was enjoying the breeze when she felt a presence beside her.
“Did I tell you how beautiful you look? ” Dare blew to her ears
“You are so beautiful that I find it difficult to keep my hands off you”
All the pent up emotions came rushing to the surface. She kept on staring at him an found it hard to swallow.
“Come here”
She hesitantly went into his arms. The kiss was urgent. it had the fervor of pent up emotions. They kept on kissing for long.
“We shouldn’t be doing this ” Stella said when it stopped
“Why not? ”
“You can’t understand”
she said and left him standing confused.
She got home Quietly and met her father waiting for her.
“Good evening Dad”
“Good evening dear”
“Why are you not in bed Yet? ”
“I have something very important to discuss with you”
“Hope it is not something difficult, that you had to wait up for me”
“It is important”
“Okay, dad”
“Your mother left a trust fund in your name and ask it to be given to you when you are 24 or the assets will be given out. But before you can claim this, you must be married.”
“What! , why didn’t you tell me before now? ”
“She made me promise not to tell you until 3 months to your birthday”
“But why? ”
“That was best known to her, I watched out hoping that you will bring a young man home”
“But Dad, this is too sudden? ”
“I know, I just had honor your mom’s final wish”
Good night pumpkin and sleep sweet”.
Stella couldn’t sleep well that night, event of the day kept running through her mind, from the kiss to the trust fund. She kept thinking of what to do, because right now she is not even in a relationship so getting married was going to be a miracle. An idea came to her mind.
The next day she went to Lola’s house, she wanted to see Dare.
“Good morning Dare”
“Good morning”
“Lola is not in”
“I actually came to see you”
“I have a proposal ”
“Go ahead”
“Marry me for 6 months”
“Have you lost it!? ”
“No, you are the only person I can ask for this favour please”
“Why me?”
“I don’t know I just felt you can help me”
He kept watching her for a while before replying “okay”
“Are you serious? ”
She couldn’t belief her luck when he agreed she felt elated, she did this because of one thing,The most important possession of her mother,The heirloom. She did not care about the money but want the heirloom to be with her.
When she got to the shop, it became an hectic day for her, orders kept coming in, at around evening her phone rang.
she immediately recognised the voice
“Hello, I want to take you out now. If we are going to get married we should act it.”
“I will be there in an hour’s time”
Dare arrived an hour later, he met Lola outside.
“Hello big bro”
“What brought you here?”
“Came to pick Stella up”
“Is there something between you guys?”
“Hmmm, you should ask Stella that”.
” You guys have been acting funny and suspicious for some time now”
“God bless the day you stop been Nosy”
Stella arrived at the door looking radiant.
“I knew it, you guys are hiding something” Lola exclaimed.”
“Why did you say that?” Stella asked.
“When was the last time you left the shop looking this gorgeous, and moreover that wasn’t the dress on you this morning”
“Lola stop embarrassing me”
“Oh sorry, my mouth”, she teased.
Dare couldn’t help but chuckle at the conversation between the ladies and he also loved the fact that she dressed up for him.
“Lola we have to get going I will see you at home”
“Okay guys be good”
When they got settled in the car, Dare apologized for his sister’s behaviour
“It is nothing I understand her perfectly well, she is my best friend remember”
“How do you cope with her? ”
“She is a very good listener and proffers solutions to most of my problems, she always look out for me too”
“So I love her to a fault”
“Good for you ladies, you act more like sisters”
They got to the restaurant and they placed their orders.
“So why do you suddenly want to get married? “Dare questioned
“For my trust fund”
“I don’t get”
“There is this heirloom that belong to my mother I need to get it back and it is part of the trust fund”
“Let me give you the full gist, my father told me last night about the trust fund, he said my mother instructed him to give it to me when I am 24 and I should be married by then . It is 3months to my birthday and I don’t even have a serious relationship.
“Oh, so the money is also important?”
” A little”
“What is my gain”
“You are under no obligation whatsoever, you can continue your relationship, I won’t be in the way.”
“So do you want to change your mind? ”
“No! I just wanted to know what I am for ”
“So, why do you want to help me? ”
He shrugged and asked them to leave stylishly dodging the question.
So how do we go about announcing it? .
“We will tell them we met in Paris and liked each other but due to circumstances, we lost contact but has luck will have it, we hooked up again in Nigeria and the love affair continued”.
” Wow”! Dare said.
They continue to plan what to do and how to go about it for long then they called it a night. Dare dropped her at home before heading for his apartment. .

To Be Continued….

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