-Finding Love

Read Story: Finding Love… Part 25

Written by Lola Hikmat…

“What the hell” She muttered
The sight before her got her rooted to the spot. It was her beloved boyfriend getting dirty with a lady she can’t place . She kept watching for sometime until she couldn’t take it anymore. She turned silently and was about to walk out when she heard James call her name but she was blinded with tears.
She kept running and bumped into someone.
“Hey be careful” he called out to her but she kept moving.
Her heart was breaking, she was blinded with rage and sorrow. She kept moving with no destination in mind, she just wanted to leave the vicinity.
She stopped walking after what seems like an hour and later gave in to the tears that flooded her eyes. She can’t help but feel pains and sorrow, the man she love with everything she had has decided to betray her love and trust. She kept crying until late in the evening. Her phone was ringing but She kept ignoring it thinking it was him, after a while she decided to check who it was and it turned out to be Lola
“Hello” she greeted “Sorry I am bothering you, it is just that I want to be sure if Mrs. Rose has balanced up so her clothes can be delivered tomorrow” she asked
“Yea, she has, it was when you travelled on Tuesday that she paid the balance into the company’s account” she answered trying to conceal her teary voice.
“What is wrong with you” her friend demanded
“Don’t you dare lie to me, what is going on”
“I caught James cheating on me”
“What? her friend screamed over the phone
” yes I caught him”
” That bastard! I will personally deal with him. He thinks he can cheat on you and go scout free, no way! . I will make sure I show him that you can’t cheat on my friend”
“Lola calm down okay”
” I won’t that guy is a complete nitwit, how could he” she foamed
“it is okay”
“And I am not there with you how can I be sure you are going to be fine” she went into her mother hen mode
“I will be”
” Make sure you get him off your mind and enjoy your stay there, if possible go out and don’t let him affect you okay?”
“That’s my girl but can’t help but say I told you so”
“Sorry, forgot you are hurt already”
“Okay dear, i got to go”
She dropped the call and made up her mind to return to the hotel, she got up and took a cab back. When she got to the hotel the receptionist told her James had left.
She sighed and entered the room, she decided to enjoy her stay and throw caution to the wind for the period of 2weeks she is to spend.
Dressed to kill, she decided to hit the hotel club. Heads turned in her direction as she stepped elegantly into the club but she didn’t seem to mind or be disturbed.
The moment she entered, he saw her the lady that bumped into him in the lobby. She was not only beautiful but hot, “How can someone be this lovely” he thought.
She placed her order and surveyed her environment and someone got her attention. He was breathtakingly handsome with a ruggedness that will take you breath away, the way and manner he sat gave a suggestion that he is a successful man and possibly a billionaire. She felt him watch her and her breathing hitched, when he stood up and headed her way , her heart beat increased.
“Hello” he greeted
“what is a pretty woman like you doing here alone”
“just chilling”
“Can I buy you a drink”
“Give her a bloody Mary” he told the barman
“Lovely choice”
They got talking and she found out a little about him. He is Dare by name and he is also a Nigerian but it had been long he last went home, though he is planning to return soon. His family is based in Lagos. He has a sister and he is supervising a project in Paris. He is a Civil Engineer.
“Dance with me” he requested
The song was slow and he was holding her too close. They kept staring into each other eyes and it happened, they locked lips.
The kiss was everything, he kissed her with much vigor that shook her to the core, it was both gentle and demanding. She returned the kiss which had him groaning. They didn’t know who broke the kiss.
“Let me take you to my room”
“okay” she replied.
They headed in haste for the elevator, once in the elevator, they fell into each other arms again, the kiss was steamy. The elevator stopped and they made it to his suite in record time.
The moment he closed the door they continued, he had her against the door and kept loving her mouth. One hand was on her Bosom and the other on her thighs. Her mind went to what she was doing, did she want to lose her virginity to a complete stranger, a one night thing? She thought. She had planned giving it to James that night already before things weny messy.
“Are you okay” He asked
“Am I going too fast” he kept asking
“Should I stop”
” No please continue ” she responded bluntly
They made it to the bed and he kept doing crazy things to her body, he loved the sound that comes out of her mouth, never heard a s*xy** moan all his life.
He undressed them both and she became shy when she noticed the way he kept staring at her body . He had only his short on while she was completely Unclad.
“Undress completely”she said
” Okay”
He pulled off his short and she inhaled ruggedly in, she imagined how on earth he was going to fit into her.
He used protection and entered her, and he felt her stiffen and cry out.
“Damn, you are a virgin, aren’t you? ”
“you should have told me”
“It doesn’t matter now”
“I would have been more gentle”
“can you now move please”
He smiled and started thrusting gently into her, it was a beautiful feeling for her and when she reach her peak she crashed with him following suit.
They did it again later in the night and fell into a peaceful sleep. She woke him up around dawn for more.
He woke up to an empty space in the morning with just a note
“Thanks for a wonderful night.
No lady has ever walked out on him and he vowed to look for her.
A year later
It was as busy as always at the Muritala Muhammad Airport. clad in complete Armani suit is Dare looking as exquisitely handsome as always. He kept checking his wrist watch which shows that he was waiting for someone.
‘Stella can you please hurry up’ Lola screamed from the car
“coming” her friend replied entering the vehicle
” you know it has been long since i set my eyes on him and i miss him so much”
“so how come i have never seen him or his picture before, Lola we have been friends for almost ten years now and i don’t know what your brother look like.” she inquired
” I am sorry dear, it is just that i myself saw him last 10 years ago and it seems like he ran away from the world. I only have his childhood picture” she navigated her way into the parking lot.
They got down and headed in the direction of the entrance of the airport. one of their customers called the attention of Stella and she chatted her off. Lola proceeded and saw her brother anxiously looking out for her.
“Hey” she called out
Her brother enveloped her in a hug.
“mehn!!! It’s been so long i last saw you ” he told her
” At least you had my pictures I had nothing of you with me” she replied
” Lets get you home, mom and Dad is waiting” she said
Stella arrived and was about to apologize when the word hanged in her mouth. Her whole world stopped and she kept staring at the man she lost her virginity to. she suddenly got her voice back
” Is this your brother” she asked hoarsely
” Yes, have you met before” Lola inquired.

To Be Continued…

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