-Finding Love

Read Story: Finding Love… Part 24

Written by Lola Hikmat…

She ooze self confidence,the perfect definition of beauty and class. Under all the facade is the real deal, her best weapon is her smile, it can melt the hardest ice. Here is Senator George’s Daughter, Stella George, a graduate of Business Administration from Harvard university, little wonder about her smartness.

Upon Graduation, she went to fashion school and now, she has one of the biggest fashion Outlet in Nigeria, all thanks to her father who gave her the much Needed connections. At Age 22, she is ranked the youngest and most successful fashionista in the country.
She seems to have everything and to crown it all, a loving man, the toast of every ladies.
Preparing for her vacation in Paris with her boyfriend she decided to surprise him. He has been in Paris since Monday and she promised to join him on Wednesday so as to have time to wrap things up in the shop.
“Hello dear I am sorry I will not be able to make it today, got a bridal dress I must deliver”

“Can’t you let your PA handle it”

“No dear, this is a delivery i have to make myself, it is to the minister’s wife”

“But we planned this already, I have been here alone since Monday, it is boring without you”

“I know honey, I Promise to make it up to you dear”

“I pray, so when are you coming”

“First thing tomorrow morning”

“I guess I have no choice then”

“Thanks for your understanding, you are one in a million, Love you big.”

” Love you too”

She Hung up the Phone and Swift into action. Now for the killer move, Stella headed to the airport to board the plane for Paris.

It was noon when she got to Paris. She left the airport and board a cab to the hotel.
The trip from the airport to the hotel seems like forever to her, she can’t wait to be in her lover’s arms. Ruminating on how she met James, she couldn’t help but smile. She felt lucky to have been able to get his attention.They met during their undergraduate days in the university and she has always had a crush on him. James was a Tall, well built young Man with s*xy** nice abs every lady was dying to touch.. He was a first class student and also a socialite, he was very popular among the Students, so when he made the move of coming after her, it was like a dream come true.Who wouldn’t love to be his girl? he was one of the most handsome guy on campus and a Black American. She had been crushing on him for 2years long before he noticed her, she was eternally grateful to God for that incident that led to the beginning of her relationship.

The sound of her phone jolted her back to life , it was her business partner and best friend
” Hello Lola, sup”

” Nothing much, just wanted to know if you are there already”

“Yes I am ”

“I know I should have adapted but wanted to know why you are hell-bent in love with this guy, I don’t just like his character you know”

” I don’t know what is wrong with you but I thought I already told you I love this guy and he has been my source of happiness ”

“Just can’t help thinking he is a leech though” she said

“Lola he is my boyfriend, I would appreciate if you talk to him and address him with courtesy” Stella warned

“Sorry o madam just don’t say I didn’t warn you”

“Nothing is going to happen” she assured her friend

“OK ma just wanted to know you are safe , let me know when you are back, so we can hangout”

“Yes ma, Got to go I just arrived in the hotel talk to you later”

“Okay, but don’t get too dirty uhmm. Take care of your self and bye”


That is Lola the one and only friend I have we make a great team she love clothes and is one of the most Beautiful girl I know. It is hard to tell who is the most beautiful between us. I am dark and she is light and I am a little bit taller than she is. But we are like sisters and we love ourselves a lot. Though, I am older than her but she is like the mom and I am her baby. She is equally wealthy and connected but it is hard to tell because she is just too humble.
Erasing Lola’s thought she proceeded to the reception. Head turned in her direction and she gave everyone a smile
“Hello ” she said to the receptionist
“Welcome ma, can you fill this form ” Lady replied with her English heavily accented with French
“Here is your key , Enjoy you stay” the receptionist said
“Merci” she replied
She rode the elevator with excitement and full of smile.
“I can’t wait to surprise him”
When she got to the room the door was opened. “perfect” she thought
She turned the knob and entered.

To Be Continued…

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